Roadsurfer Belgium (All You Need To Know)

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Roadsurfer Belgium is a carpooling platform that brings together all the Belgian drivers who want to drive empty seats and all the passengers looking for affordable transport.

All users on our website benefit from a treatment adapted to the needs of each person by selecting the type of journey (solo, two or more), your budget, and a car (type and segment).

Roadsurfer Belgium is also a web platform that provides you with trip planning and booking tools for easy vacation planning. You can choose your travel dates.

The type of transport and number of people you are travelling with or without and Roadsurfer will find the best way to reach your destination. The platform can plan trips when using a car, bus, train, flight, hot air balloon or even walking!

Roadsurfer is a highly innovative, flemish startup which enables travellers to organise their travel in more than 75 countries through the Roadsurfer App. Just as Airbnb became a major player in the online accommodation industry.

Enabling travellers to book private residences or rooms with hosts, Roadsurfer is setting out its stall to be the leading provider of discounts on car rentals and daily transfers on 85,000+ routes in 24,000+ locations worldwide.

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Roadsurfer Belgium

Roadsurfer belgium

Roadsurfer Belgium is an online platform for renting cars, campervans and motorhomes. We offer a wide range of vehicles in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our goal is to make your next road trip as easy as possible by offering you a wide selection of rental cars, campervans and motorhomes at affordable prices. Our vehicles are insured, cleaned and maintained every day by our professional team.

Our mission is to make travelling by car easy and fun so that you can discover new places while avoiding the stress of planning your trip.

We offer different types of car rental services: classic rental (from 3 days up to 1 month), weekend rental (for 2 days), weekly rental (from Monday to Friday), long term rental (from one month up).

Roadsurfer Belgium is a subsidiary of Roadsurfer BVBA. The company has been active since 2017, and is located in the municipality of Geel (Antwerp).

Roadsurfer Belgium is an independent agent for the distribution of caravans and motorhomes from the Dutch brand Roadstar. The agency offers customers a wide range of products: from small compact caravans up to large luxury models.

Roadstar is one of Europe’s largest caravan manufacturers, with a production capacity of more than 10,000 units per year. In addition to its extensive product range, Roadstar also has its own service network in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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  • Roadsurfer belgium van features
  • Roadsurfer belgium comfort
  • Roadsurfer belgium beds and storage
  • Roadsurfer belgium outdoor kitchen
Roadsurfer Belgium

Roadsurfer belgium van features

The Roadsurfer Belgium is a custom built campervan that offers a unique traveling experience. It’s an ideal vehicle for exploring off the beaten track and for those who like to travel on a budget.

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The Roadsurfer Belgium has been designed by owner-drivers, who have traveled extensively around Europe in their own vehicles. They wanted a van that was spacious, comfortable, reliable and easy to drive on European roads.

The result is a uniquely practical campervan, which offers great value for money and can comfortably sleep 2 adults in bed or 3 adults on mattresses on the floor.

Roadsurfer Belgium Features:

• The front seats swivel 180 degrees so they can face into the rear of the vehicle when you are camping or cooking inside your van.

• There is storage under both seats in front of the driver and passenger – perfect for storing shoes or other items.

• The rear bench seat folds down into a double bed measuring 183 cm x 140 cm x 23 cm which provides comfortable sleeping space for two adults (or three children).

• There is also storage underneath this bed – great for storing extra blankets or pillows etc.

The Roadsurfer is a campervan designed for adventure travellers. It’s easy to drive, comfortable and perfect for families, couples and groups of friends.

The Roadsurfer has a large pop-up roof with a full-length canopy that can be opened or closed in seconds. The van also comes with an annexe (additional sleeping space) and a double bed that converts into two singles.

There are plenty of storage spaces throughout the van, including two underfloor lockers, so you’ll never run out of room to store your belongings while you’re travelling.

Roadsurfer, the company that makes it possible to travel the world in your van, has taken the next step in making van life more accessible to everyone.

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With the introduction of their new Roadsurfer Belgium Van, they’re making it easier than ever to hit the road and live life on your terms.

The Roadsurfer Belgium van is a stylish camper van that features all of the same amenities as other models such as an onboard kitchenette and bathroom with shower.

But it also comes standard with solar panels for off-grid power and a built-in generator for when you need some extra juice. It even comes equipped with a special roof rack that allows you to use your solar power to charge your devices while parked!

Roadsurfer Belgium

Roadsurfer belgium comfort

Roadsurfer is a Belgium based company that designs and produces luxury camper vans. It is the only manufacturer of high end luxury camper vans in Europe.

Roadsurfer has been producing luxury camper vans since 1985. Over the years, Roadsurfer has become synonymous with quality, design and innovation. The company builds its own chassis which are then fitted with luxurious interiors by artisans from around the world.

The Roadsurfer range includes the following models: Roadsurfer GT-Lite, Roadsurfer GT-Cargo, Roadsurfer GT-Superior, Roadsurfer GT-Sport and now for 2016/17 season we have added 2 new models:

The Roadsurfer V8 Avant (which can be ordered as a special order) and The Roadsurfer V8 Avant Sport (which will be available shortly). The RoadSurfer van is a perfect choice for people who are looking for a safe and comfortable way to travel around Europe.

The RoadSurfer vans are based on Toyota Hiace vans, which have been designed to meet the highest safety standards. The vehicles have undergone a total makeover and now they can offer you many more comfort features than before.

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The most important thing you need to know about these vehicles is that they are very reliable, easy to drive and equipped with all the features you may need during your trip.

Roadsurfer Belgium

Roadsurfer belgium beds and storage

Roadsurfer van beds are made to order, but they are not made in the USA. They are made in India and the quality is very good. I have now built three of these beds and all three were perfect fits.

This is a great way to get a high quality bed at a very reasonable price. All the Roadsurfer van beds come with storage underneath, but it may not be enough for you depending on how much gear you want to store.

I designed this storage system for those who want even more storage space than what comes standard with the bed itself.

This system consists of four boxes that mount under each corner of the bed and provide plenty of room for storing large items such as sleeping bags or pillows, shoes, etc…

The boxes are powder coated black to match stock interior color schemes and have a locking lid so nothing falls out when driving down bumpy roads!

Roadsurfer Belgium offers a range of options for Van Beds and Storage. This includes the standard version as well as an extended version for larger vans such as the VW T5, Mercedes Vito and Ford Transit Custom.

They come in different sizes to suit the height of each vehicle’s roof. The beds have been designed in such a way that they can be mounted easily by one person without any drilling or modification to your vehicle.

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The Roadsurfer van comes with three different options:

Standard – This is the base model, which includes basic storage space and a bed that folds into the wall. It also has a toilet and shower in the back of the van.

Deluxe – This option includes everything from the standard model plus additional storage space underneath both beds, extra power sockets, LED lights in the ceiling and other small amenities.

The deluxe model also comes with an upgraded mattress on top of its base model mattress.

Adventurer – This is designed for those who want more space inside their vehicle and can afford to sacrifice some comfort while traveling.

The adventurer has two separate beds that can be converted into one large bed at night if needed (instead of just one large double bed). It also has an extra-large kitchen area with two sinks instead of one.

Roadsurfer Belgium

Roadsurfer belgium outdoor kitchen

Roadsurfer belgium outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. You can cook food, grill meat and enjoy the outdoors. The Roadsurfer outdoor kitchen is great for camping.

Tailgating or even just hanging out outside on a nice day. It comes with everything you need including a charcoal grill, propane stovetop, sink and refrigerator.

The Roadsurfer outdoor kitchen also has an electric burner so you can cook without using any fuel at all. This will save money if you are camping or just want to use less propane in your home.

The Roadsurfer outdoor kitchen comes with all of the accessories needed to cook like a pro! It has everything from pots and pans to utensils so that you can whip up some delicious meals in no time at all!

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This means that you don’t have to eat canned food or freeze-dried meals anymore when you are out camping or living off-grid!

You might think that this type of setup would be expensive but it’s actually cheaper than buying all of these items separately! If you already own an RV then this type of setup is perfect for traveling because it doesn’t cost much to get started.

The Roadsurfer is a portable outdoor kitchen that takes up very little space and can be set up by one person in just a few minutes. You can take it anywhere, including your campsite or backyard, and use it to cook food while sitting around the fire pit with friends.

Roadsurfer Belgium


Founded in 1993 by two friends, and now with a comprehensive range of surf coaches and surf schools, Roadsurfer Belgium was the second Roadsurfer company that came out of Luxembourg.

The first one was founded in 1992 by Marc Muendener. This is why Roadsurfer has its own subsidiary company in Luxembourg: Roadsurfer Internacional.

Roadsurfer is already present in 30 countries and serves 3,000 companies of all sizes with customized mobility services. Roadsurfer has won multiple industry awards and is one of the most innovative flexible transport companies in Europe.

It is specialized in providing business vehicles on demand: a unique way to work where our customers have all the advantages of a carpooling model while being able to choose the type of vehicle they need (car, minibus, 15-person bus, etc.).

Roadsurfer has developed a 100% online software that allows its customers to define their mobility needs. Thanks to its powerful intelligent booking engine, this software guarantees an autonomous and seamless business process.

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Our solution is unique in its freedom of use and flexibility; it produces tangible economic benefits thanks to optimal vehicle use optimisation as well as savings for companies’ travel expenses or private costs linked to own car use.

The customer chooses the best option for his business according to its mobility needs at any time (distance/number of employees). Because of this, our customers are perfectly aware of their monthly mobility expenditure.

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Roadsurfer Belgium (All You Need To Know)

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