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Best time to visit easter island, one of the world’s most enigmatic as well as intriguing locations, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, covers about 64 square miles in the South Pacific Sea and is located some 2,300 miles from Chile’s west coast and 2,500 miles east of Tahiti.

Taking a trip to Easter Island is a dream for many individuals and may only be realized once in a lifetime due to the remoteness and also the rate of reaching this isolated as well as interesting location.

On that particular basis, you wish to be sure to choose the very best season to see Easter Island. Continue reading to learn about the climate, yearly events, visitor seasons, and also prospective travel expenses.

The temperature levels are fairly mild on Easter Island year-round, but rain and strong winds can make the air feel much chillier than it actually is during the Southern hemisphere winter months of July and August.

Expect temperature levels to range from the upper 50s F to reduce 70s F in winter months and the low- to mid-80s F in summertime.

January as well as February are the traditional months for trips below, and also the top traveling and visitor seasons run throughout the summer from December to February on Easter Island. As a result, throughout this time, costs are fairly expensive.

This is additionally the hottest time of year, with temperatures running at a damp 85 °F much of the time. If your excellent Easter Island getaway strategies consist of spending time in the sunlight to depart from the winter in the Northern hemisphere, this is an ideal time to check out.

Nonetheless, you ought to note that resorts can enhance their prices by around 30 percent when there is a high demand for holiday accommodations, as well as that plane tickets from Santiago, Chile, or Papeete, Tahiti, can be tripled.

Hotel areas can be scarce in January and February, so if you’re planning to visit during this time around, book well in advance.

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Best time to visit easter island

Best Time to Visit Easter Island

Early February is likewise a prominent time to go to for the island’s week-long cultural party, the Tapati Rapa Nui festival. This is just one of the most crucial cultural celebrations in all of Polynesia, where the populace of the island is split right into two clans, who compete for the title of king and queen of the island. 

Old games like “haka pei”, sliding down a high cliff on a banana tree log, rowing throughout the river on a reed tortora raft, as well as balancing a bushel of bananas over your shoulder are highlights.

The shoulder periods in between April and June, and also October, as well as December, are the very best times to check out Easter Island.

The cozy environment of the Southern Hemisphere integrated with the light groups throughout these months makes them a suitable time to uncover the many highlights of the island.

In between January and March, is the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere and also a high period, when site visitors flock to the island.

The Tapati Rapa Nui Festival takes place each year at the start of February, a party that brings the Rapa Nui society to new generations of the island’s individuals as well as vacationers. Tasks during this event consist of horseback races, dancing, a triathlon, swimming, as well as canoeing.

Exploring Easter Island’s amazing exterior experiences can consist of cycling in the interior of the island, raising volcanoes, and, naturally, venturing around the ancient giant sculptures that placed the island on the map when it was discovered in 1722.

There are around 1,000 sculptures located all around the 63 square mile island (163.2 square kilometers), some as high as 80 feet high and also standing at about 26 feet tall (9.8 m).

Recently, archeologists have actually found that the sculptures had reduced bodies that were hidden under the ground.

April, May, as well as June, the months of April, May, and June are between autumn and winter when the weather isn’t also hot as tropical winds keep points trendy.

While there are the chances of rainfall, the pleasant environment manages to give tourists the opportunity to get out as well as explore the island’s ancient sites along with get some coastline time or a horse flight along the seaside high cliffs.

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Best Time to Visit Easter Island

Rapa Nui National forest covers virtually fifty percent of the little island. The safeguarded area was established in 1935 and also is home to the Rano Raraku quarry, where the Rapa Nui individuals carved these huge sculptures for five hundred years up until the 18th century.

There are statues at various stages of completion in the quarry that show the stunning instances of the work that entered into producing them.

October, November, and December
Dropping in between wintertime and also spring, October, November, and December are enjoyable months to take a trip to this remote Chilean outpost as they provide you the best of the winter season and the area to extend your legs while discovering the manmade as well as natural marvels of the island while the groups are at bay.

Popular tasks during this time around consist of browsing, snorkeling, and also diving in the crystal clear waters of Easter Island’s shores. For those that prefer to explore by land, the Ana Kakenga Cave becomes part of the island’s below-ground complex of taverns where spelunking gives you bird’s-eye views from a cliffside viewpoint out over the sea. This activity can also double as an exceptional rainy-day activity.

While there is a small but healthy and balanced population of descendants of the original citizens of the island living on Easter Island today, little is learnt about what happened to the very first settlers.

Some think that they shed their method by cutting down the island’s trees for farming jobs, and consequently faced hunger consequently.

For more information concerning your choices for travel to Easter Island, get in touch with one of our traveling professionals so they can set you up with a trip that fits both within your routine as well as your spending plan.

Month Average Temperature Level ℉ (℃) Ordinary Rain in (mm).

Rainfall 1.0″ ⛈0.8″ ⛈0.8″ ⛈1.3″ ⛈1.4″ ⛈0.9″ ⛈
Sun Daylight 9.7h ☼10.7h ☼12.0h ☼ 13.4h ☼ 14.5h ☼15.0h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 8.2 🌫8.6 🌫8.8 🌫8.8 🌫8.0 🌫7.6 🌫
Humidity8.2 💧8.6 💧8.8 💧8.8 💧8.0 💧7.6 💧
Temperature H/L80°F 70°F 🌡81°F 71°F 🌡80°F 70°F 🌡77°F 69°F 🌡 74°F 66°F 🌡71°F 64°F 🌡
Rainfall 0.3″ ⛈0.3″ ⛈0.7″ ⛈1.7″ ⛈1.6″ ⛈1.1″ ⛈
Sun Daylight 14.7h ☼13.7h ☼12.4h ☼11.1h ☼ 9.9h ☼ 9.3h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 7.6 🌫7.4 🌫7.4 🌫 7.9 🌫8.2 🌫8.1 🌫
Humidity7.6 💧7.4 💧7.4 💧 7.9 💧8.2 💧8.1 💧
Temperature H/L70°F 62°F 🌡70°F 62°F 🌡70°F 62°F 🌡72°F 63°F 🌡 74°F 65°F 🌡77°F 68°F 🌡
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If you intend to attend this event, it is recommended to schedule your Easter Island resort as well as your flight ticket numerous months in advance, in order to get appointments at reasonable prices.

For a few weeks at the end of January, resorts are so booked that regional homeowners, in fact have to rent their residences to fit all visitors. 

An additional point to note is that in between December 21 as well as March 21, the sun climbs behind the fifteen moai at Ahu Tongariki, the largest ceremonial system on Easter Island.

The sculptures are silhouetted versus a backdrop of changing shades, supplying a mystical as well as remarkable phenomenon as well as a fantastic photo opportunity.

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Best Time to Visit Easter Island

March to April (autumn) as well as October to November (springtime) are the shoulder seasons here. Considering that this is not the peak vacationer period, resort prices are much more practical as well as much less most likely to be overbooked, so this could be the most effective time to visit Easter Island.

The climate is additionally comfortable for trekking as well as seeing archaeological sites, so if you’re traveling to see the moai, the large, carved stone figures guarding the landscape, the off-season or non-summer months may be better in regards to the environment and resort rates. 

The Rapa Nui Pro Surf Championship, which is an incorporated competition in the Chilean national surf circuit, is usually held in October, offering an exceptional opportunity to see the maneuvers of Chile’s ideal surfers on the waves of Hanga Roa.

The reduced season begins after Easter, in the month of April, and expands till the end of November. If seeing in April through August, intent on getting wet, and also pack accordingly. The island experiences heavy rainfall and thunderstorms at this time of year.

The rainiest months are generally those of April as well as May, where it can rain a number of days in a row.

Throughout the austral winter months, from June to September, temperature levels are cooler, averaging about 64 °F, as well as on damp and also gusting days, when the wind is blowing off the Antarctic ocean it can feel significantly chillier, especially at peaks such as the Rano Kau volcano crater or the top of the Terevaka. In low season, costs are less costly, and you can locate great offers on trips if you schedule ahead of time. 

Best Time to Visit Easter Island

The number of vacationers has fallen considerably, so there will be no problem finding accommodation, yet it is likely that some tourist services might be much less frequent or inaccessible.

At the end of April, the Arts and Culture Week, arranged by the Tongariki Cultural Center, is held, showcasing exhibits of regional items, handicraft workshops, as well as music efficiencies together with other activities.

Held every year in May/June, the Easter Island Marathon, fifty percent marathon, as well as 10 K are a few of one of the most exclusive running occasions on the planet. 

Just accepting 150 individuals, about 50 of those are locals. On a relatively flat track, the race starts in the center of Hanga Roa, the main town, continues on to the facility of the island, and after that, circles back to Anakena Beach.

Annually, on June 29th, Easter Island commemorates the banquet of St. Peter and also St. Paul. After petitions and true blessings, a traditional curanto feast is provided for the entire neighborhood.

A hole in the ground is filled with firewood as well as heated rocks, which are covered with banana leaves on which meat, chicken, and fish are positioned and also covered again with fallen leaves and stones.

A 2nd layer is put on top with roots such as sweet potato, taro, as well as cassava and covered once again with banana leaves and also planet. The warm chefs the food in a slow-moving and lengthy process that transforms the curanto into a common dish.

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