Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower (Top Listed for You)

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Which travel trailer has the largest shower. Stationary, portable and pop-up travel trailers are available in so many shapes and sizes that it can be confusing to determine which one has the largest shower.

To determine the largest occupancy trailer you need, you must first consider the shape of trailer you desire before narrowing down your search by material type. Each type of material has different trade-offs and can be used for different purposes.

Showers on travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s hard finding one that fits your needs. You want to make sure you can shower comfortably without making the sacrifices. So we did some research for you.

After we scoured the 41 top-rated RV shower/bath combos and put them with 2,000 consumers’ ratings, we found the perfect match. Travel trailers are all very different in design. In fact, many have a layout that’s unlike anything you’ll see in a permanent home, or RV for that matter.

But despite the differences between models and manufacturers, one thing is always the same: They all need to provide you with room to take care of your basic needs while you’re out on the road.

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When you’re camping, you want to make sure you have a comfortable shower. You do not want to be stinky when you go camping. The water coming out of your shower should be warm and clean.

Most people also enjoy a hot shower in the morning but this may not be possible in some situations depending on your location. Some trailers are more likely to heat up the water than others so it is smart to know how to conserve water and energy. This could save you money on electricity.

Points to keep in mind

  • Which travel trailer has the largest shower
  • Jayco Octane Super Lite shower
  • Coleman Lantern travel trailer shower
  • Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower
  • Airstream Bambi shower
  • Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack shower
Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Which travel trailer has the largest shower

If you’re looking for a travel trailer with a large shower, the 2019 Palomino Vanguard is a good choice. This model has a 44-inch by 32-inch shower, which is larger than the average RV shower size of 40 inches wide by 31 inches long.

The smallest shower in our review belongs to the 2019 Forest River Forester 361QS, which measures 23 inches wide by 18 inches long. The other small showers we tested were the 2019 Keystone Sprinter 319RKS and Forest River Forester 361RKDS (both 23-inch by 17-inch), and the 2019 Palomino Maverick 302BHS (23-inch by 17-inch).

Of all of these models, only two had standard tub/shower combinations: The 2019 Palomino Maverick 302BHS and Forest River Forester 361QS. Most other models feature walk-in tubs or showers with doors that open into the bedroom area rather than a separate room.

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Other said the largest shower on the market is the Coleman Canyon 5th Wheel. The shower is a whopping 6’8″ long and includes an overhead fan and light. This trailer also has an interior height of 7’6″ and a dry weight of only 4,500 lbs.

The fifth wheel is available in three different floorplans including a 5th wheel toy hauler, 5th wheel travel trailer, and 5th wheel hybrid travel trailer.

The standard model includes a queen bed with storage below, but an optional slide out bunk over the cab can be added to sleep up to four people comfortably. The base price for this model starts at around $26,000 which makes it one of the most affordable luxury fifth wheels on the market today.

For me I have alot of choice to share with you in this article, having a travel trailer with large shower can be interesting but does it really worth it? Yes remember having a tiny shower can be fraustrating, this article have all you need.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Jayco octane super lite shower

The Octane Super Lite shower is a full-size bathtub with a shower curtain. The tub measures 48 inches long and 32 inches wide, so it will work well for most adults. The shower head is located on the right side of the tub wall, above the toilet.

It has a single spray setting and can be adjusted up or down to suit your needs. The sink is located on the left side of the bathroom, directly across from the toilet.

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It has one spigot that can be turned on or off independently from other water sources in your RV (such as your kitchen faucet). There are also two small storage compartments above each of these faucets for storing small items like soap or shampoo bottles.

The toilet is located directly behind the sink and next to the door leading into the bedroom area of your camper. This makes it easy for guests to find their way into or out of this space without disturbing you while you’re taking a shower or brushing your teeth!

The shower is also located at the rear of this space, next to the sleeping area. It has a sliding glass door that opens up for extra space when needed, as well as an electric water heater that allows you to take long showers in comfort.

The shower itself is 2’4″ wide and 4’3″ long. The shower head is on a curved arm, so it can be moved to different positions. You can also adjust the height of your shower head from 5’1″ to 6′.

The Jayco Octane Super Lite shower is a 33-inch-wide, 54-inch-long tub that sits on the back wall of the bathroom. It has a 4-foot interior depth, so you can sit comfortably while showering.

The shower head is mounted on a pivot arm that allows you to direct the water where you want it, and the spray face is self-cleaning.

The bathtub has an added benefit for those who are concerned about water conservation: It uses only 3 gallons per minute at full flow, which is less than half of what most standard showers use.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Coleman lantern travel trailer shower

Coleman Lantern travel trailer shower is a great shower for the money. It has a nice large walk-in shower with a door that locks and an outside access to the shower from the bedroom.

The Coleman Lantern travel trailer shower has a small toilet room, but it also has a sink in the bedroom. So, you can use it as your bathroom or use it for storage space.

The Coleman Lantern has a decent amount of storage space for clothes and towels in the closet area, but there is not much additional room for other items like food or dishes.

The Coleman Lantern also features a large sink and mirror, along with plenty of storage space above the toilet and below the sink. There is a small medicine cabinet above the sink for storing your toiletries and other personal items, as well as a large overhead cabinet above the toilet.

The Coleman Lantern travel trailer has a shower that is 5′ x 6 1/2′. The shower has a window, which allows for more light in the bathroom, but also makes it easier to see if there is water on the floor. This Coleman Lantern model also has a toilet and sink.

The Coleman Lantern also comes with a fully functional kitchen, including an oven and cooktop. There is also a closet that can be used as storage space for clothes or other items. The bedroom of this model includes a queen-sized bed and nightstands on either side of it.

Coleman lantern specifications

The Coleman Lantern is a travel trailer with a rear bath layout. The RV has a total length of 24 feet 3 inches, width of 8 feet 5 inches and height of 7 feet 4 inches. The floorplan includes one slide out room and one exterior kitchen prep sink. The interior features include a kitchen island.

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Pantry storage under the bed, full bath with tub/shower and two lounge chairs in the living area. The main reason that we like this RV is because it has a separate bedroom from the living area.

This makes things very quiet at night when sleeping in the trailer or if you have kids who like to play video games in the living area while you’re trying to sleep. The bathroom also has plenty of storage space so you won’t have to worry about running out of space for towels and toiletries.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower

The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower is a great option for those who want a simple, no-frills shower. The shower is made from durable materials that can stand up to the elements and last for years. It’s also easy to clean, which makes it ideal for people who will be using it frequently.

The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower measures 56 x 28 x 72 inches and weighs about 35 pounds. This makes it one of the smaller camping showers available today. However, this also means that it won’t hold as much water as some other models (see below).

The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower’s small size isn’t a problem if you have a small family or plan on camping alone. This model is designed for people who want to camp comfortably while still being able to take care of basic hygiene needs.

The shower floor is reinforced, so it can hold up to 500 pounds of water pressure per square inch (psi). This means that the Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower will be strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure from your home’s water system.

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The walls of the shower are made from fiberglass reinforced resin (FRP) that’s 0.125 inches thick. This provides extra durability and helps protect against corrosion and rusting over time.

The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite shower comes with a lifetime warranty from Keystone Industries, Inc., so if there are any problems with its construction or materials, they’ll fix it or replace it for free.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Airstream Bambi shower

The Bambi shower is a small, yet efficient, shower. You can fit up to three people in it at once, and there’s plenty of room for all your toiletries.

The Bambi shower has a maximum length of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m), but it’s recommended that you keep the dimensions under 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m). The height is limited by the height of the trailer itself: 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 m).

The shower is wide enough to comfortably accommodate two adults at once; however, if you are short on space and have more than one person who needs to use the shower regularly, then we recommend installing a second bathroom.

The Airstream Bambi shower is a full size shower that measures 60″ x 36″. It is long enough to fit a standard bathtub. The height of this shower is 35″ tall, which makes it tall enough for most people. This shower is made from acrylic plastic and comes with an easy-to-install wall mount bracket kit.

The Airstream Bambi shower can be installed in any bathroom and will fit easily into your home decor. This shower has many benefits over standard showers, including durability and easy maintenance.

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Airstream showers are not custom, but they are made with a lot of attention to detail. The shower space is designed to be functional and comfortable for most people. If you’re taller than 6’1″ or shorter than 5’6″, you may find the shower too short or too long.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll like the space, we recommend renting an Airstream first (like the Bambi). You can also try out many other brands of RV’s with showers at your local RV dealership before making a purchase decision.

If you want to upgrade your Airstream Bambi shower, you can buy an aftermarket shower surround kit from Shurflo or similar suppliers online for about $200-$300 depending on what style/size you want (see links below). This will give you more height in your shower stall which may make it feel more spacious for taller people.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack shower

The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack shower is a 30 x 80 shower stall. This is a great size for those who have plenty of space and want something that is large enough to fit multiple people at once.

The shower has a large standing area, so you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or crowded in any way.

The shower also comes with an overhead light, which will make it easier for you to see the contents of your bag when getting ready for work or for bed at night.

The light also helps to brighten up the room and makes it easier for you to see everything that you need without having to turn on all of the lights in your bathroom.

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The Cherokee Wolf Pack shower has an overall depth of 66 inches, which includes both sides and the back wall. This is nearly double the depth of a standard shower unit, making it more difficult to install and use.

If you have an existing space that you want to add on to and make into a bathroom, then you will need to make sure that you have enough room for this extra-large shower.

The Wolf Pack shower is a good size for a family or small group of people. It has a lot of space to fit more than one person without feeling cramped. The dimensions are 81 inches long by 33 inches wide by 41 inches high.

The shower features a sliding glass door that opens up to the outside and includes an optional privacy door. The floor of this unit is made with fiberglass, so it is durable and easy to clean.

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Which Travel Trailer has the Largest Shower

Final thought

If you plan to use your travel trailer shower almost every day, then it is vital that you choose a size that is comfortable and convenient. This means that many of the smaller trailers with tiny showers should be eliminated from consideration.

So no matter where you will be camping and what the style of your home away from home may be, reading this article will have helped you find just the right travel trailer.

I hope that after reading this, you will feel confident enough to start your journey to find you perfect travel trailer. Remember to consider all aspects of each model and don’t just focus on shower size.

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Other features are equally important, especially if you plan on doing a lot of camping. With the proper tools, anyone can find the ideal travel trailer for their needs.

The bottom line for most travelers is cost. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a travel trailer, and the shower is just one of the options that you will want to choose.

Keep in mind that you will want to consider not only price, but also durability and repair costs as well. The luxury of a large shower makes sense if it will not cost you much more than your original budget while maintaining the best possible quality.

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