Fastest growing cities in Florida

McCalla–1745 people in 2012, growing a whopping 88% since 2000 Tampa–1,678 people in 2012, growing 47% since 2000 Live: Park Vista – FL, 4469 population – growing 40% since 2000 Longwood–5337 people in 2012, growing 25% since 2000 Leisurely retirement? Wootten–23,414 population–growing 19% since 2000 Florence–6,704 people in 2012, growing 5% since 2000 Statewide growth

Best Cities Good for Vacation

Yeah, there are lots of reasons to visit major cities, and we’ve taken great advantage of them over the years, living in big, bustling places such as Tokyo and New York before we settled in Manhattan. But there’s a different kind of appeal, an element of magic that comes from being in a city that’s