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Island underwater caves, the existence of the underwater cave is so amazing, this article cover a lot you need to learn about underwater caves, some of the caves block their entrance with water while inside is empty, you only need to dive to have access inside.

The coastal hamlet of La Chacala (Chacala), Mexico, is suitable for all types of water sports and natural activities, since it is surrounded by thick tropical jungles teeming with unique species and flanked by peaceful beaches on the Pacific Coast.

This charming beach hamlet, located approximately an hour and a half north of Puerto Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit, is accessible to visitors by a picturesque journey through the tropical hills on a paved route.

La Chacala offers a diverse range of activities. Surfing, sailing, fishing, swimming, and, notably, snorkeling and diving into the underwater caverns at Las Cuevas Cove are among the various holiday activities offered.

The water in this quiet bay is good for snorkeling and diving since it is clean, tranquil, and warm, making it ideal for travelers looking for breathtaking underwater vistas. La Chacala’s coral reefs are regarded as one of the top snorkeling places in western Mexico.

Island Underwater Caves

Access & tours

For a little cost of roughly $10 USD per person, ask one of the local boatmen to carry you to Las Cuevas Cove from La Chacala. (Snorkeling on the coral reef costs about $20 USD.)

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Following your arrival, the boatman will schedule a pick-up time with you, enabling you to explore Las Cuevas Cove at your leisure.

The boatman may wait for you if you like, but there is an hourly cost for his services. It’s advisable to schedule a pick-up time so you don’t feel pressured when exploring. Snorkeling equipment may be rented at La Chacala and Las Cuevas Cove, but you can also bring your own.

Because the underwater volcanic caverns and coral reefs attract a variety of tropical fish and uncommon marine species, you may wish to bring an underwater camera. Children may enjoy snorkeling here as well, but keep an eye on them so they don’t get lost.

When you return to La Chacala and are ready to unwind after an eventful day, stop by one of the numerous eateries along the beach for a drink or food.

If you want to spend more time at Las Cuevas Cove, make it an all-day excursion by bringing enough food and beverages for you, your friends, and family to remain satisfied and hydrated.

Consider snorkeling or diving in Las Cuevas Cove when visiting the lovely coastal village of La Chacala. Everything appears to move at a slower pace here, as if time has stood still. It’ll be well worth your time.

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Underwater caves of Banjole Island

Banjole Island, situated west of Rovinj, is a tiny deserted island. This is also known as the “Seven Hair” island. Banjole Island is just 100 meters in circumference, yet it is famous for its underwater network of caverns that can only be reached by sea.

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The cave is easily accessible and ranges in depth from three to eighteen meters. From a depth of five meters, the cave entrance may be reached. The caverns are quite safe and not hazardous, and the only equipment required to explore them is a diving mask and flippers.

When you enter the cave, you’ll find a lot of marine plants and a lot of wildlife, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot great images. There is a vast underwater chamber inside the cave network from which you can see the sky blended with the blue color of the sea.

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Island Underwater Caves

Underwater cave on San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera

Because of its daring tight route and unusual layout, the Underwater Cave on San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera, is a magical attraction. This natural indoor pool will allow you to swim without having to worry about the sweltering heat of the afternoon sun.

A lovely environment surrounds this mysterious cave. Its brilliant, crystal clear waters are wonderfully painted in a stunning combination of blue and turquoise. The bright boats that are neatly docked on its luminous rocky beach add to the attractiveness.

Getting to the Cave Underwater

Our island hopping tour begins with a stop here, followed by an excursion to the nearby Long Beach. We were delighted to discover San Antonio Island’s lovely beach when we arrived.

Although it is rocky, its beauty is certainly captivating. The coastline where the boats are docked, in my opinion, is already an attraction in and of itself.

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To get to the Underwater Cave, you’d have to clamber up some large boulders, which is ironic. We have to be cautious since those rocks had a lot of sharp edges.

If you get unbalanced, you may suffer a serious scrape. A tunnel runs between the rocks and leads to the Underwater Cave.

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Within the cave

We eventually plunged into the shallow waters of the Underwater Cave after descending the wooden staircase of the tunnel. The water was barely over our knees at first, but as we progressed farther into the cave, it became deeper.

There were some gloomy areas, but there is a little aperture on the opposite end that is well-lit. The cave’s yellowish ceiling and walls are beautifully ornamented with abstract designs and rock formations. When exposed to light, its inside glistens in a captivating way.

Because of the cave’s moist roof, you can determine how high the water rises. It might have been triggered by the high tide and the forceful splash of water.

Bats will not be able to live in most of the underwater caves, just as mention earlier the caves entrance is completely cover with waters, unlike in most caves.

Island Underwater Caves


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