How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island? Detailed Guide

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How much would it cost to buy an island? Just how much does it cost to get an exclusive island? We figured out how much a private island costs in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Europe, as well as the United States and Canada.

How much does a private Island cost? Cost at a glance:

  • Exclusive islands in the Caribbean.
  • Exclusive islands in the South Pacific.
  • Exclusive islands in Southeast Asia.
  • Private islands in Europe or the Middle East.
  • Personal islands in North America.

A private island is not just a property or a property to purchase; it’s a way of living. But exactly just how much does this private island “get-away-from-it-all” way of living cost?

Thus far in 2021, there have actually been about 60 personal islands offered worldwide. One of the most costly exclusive island for sale this year is located in Thailand: 110 acres (approx. 45 Ha) of undeveloped, white-sand and also rainforest-covered land that lies near Phuket as well as Coconut island.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

How much would it cost to buy an island?

The following most costly offerings are a $65,000,000 exclusive island in the Maldives (with 150 suites as well as an airstrip) and a $60,000,000 private island in the Bahamas.

Smaller islands best-suited not for hotel advancement but for developing individual hideaways include today’s highest-priced instance: a $23,000,000 personal island in North Eleuthero Bahamas with a background of notable proprietors.

It’s likewise possible to find a less costly, a lot more affordable island for regarding $500,000, such as this 62-acre, $502,000 private island provided offer for sale in Chile.

As well as, as might be anticipated, where cost is worried, area is crucial. So, we made a decision to take a closer look at the personal island markets in the five most in-demand locations: the Caribbean, South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

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How much does an exclusive island cost in the Caribbean?

Price variety: $1,695,000-60,000,000.
Typical cost: $4,200,000.

The Caribbean is the essential location for island seekers. The location makes up greater than 40% of the exclusive island listings readily available on the open global market, with the Bahamas being the world’s major private island paradise.

While it is true that the most effective, exclusive island examples in the area are positioned in the Bahamas, we additionally have actually found a few, beautiful properties in the British Virgin Islands, Curacao, as well as Honduras.

Cavern Cay, Exuma: one of the most costly exclusive island in the Bahamas.

$ 60,000,000.
In 2021, one of the most expensive private island in the Caribbean lies in Exuma, Bahamas, as well as sets you back $60,000,000. With its 38 buildings, a marina with 35 dock strips, and also a landing strip, it forms an island hotel.

If you’re questioning, just how much is a hotel on a private island, or thinking about establishing a private island resort, take a look at this listing.

(As well as if your aspirations are slightly less grand, you still can constantly find a much more cost effective private island located in gorgeous Exuma Cays.). Elizabeth Island, Exuma, Bahamas: walking routes, six beaches, as well as a citrus grove.

$ 14,000,000.
$ 14,000,000 can purchase you a 38-acre (15 Ha) island situated simply 3 miles from Georgetown, Great Exuma.

The island has six, big coastlines, 2 miles of walking trails, a gazebo at the highest point on the Island, a yard with a citrus grove, and also a 2-acre, secured harbor with a minimum deepness of 8 ft. (2.4 m). The harbor and anchors can fit several big luxury yachts.

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How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

Weapon Factor, North Eleuthero, and Bahamas: an iconic private Island with a history of remarkable owners.
$ 23,000,000.

This island, located in North Eleuthero, was home to a World War II hero as well as yacht racer Lord Beaverbrook in the late 1940s.

The property has a 175 ft. dock that can accommodate huge vessels: a true asset, since North Eleuthero is recognized for its great, deep sea fishing.

Bonefish Cay, Abaco, Bahamas: a superior personal Island resort.
$ 8,200,000.

Bonefish Cay is a 13 acre island gem situated in the spectacular island chain of the Abaco Islands. With 13 acres (5 Ha) of land, it is flawlessly appropriate for a pleasurable, remote vacation with family or friends.

It features colonial-style suites with sundown sight patios, lush yards and also personal anchors. Ginger Island, British Virgin Islands: uninhabited place with rich aquatic life.
Price on request.

The Virgin Islands supply fewer possibilities for customers, however we found a readily available island in the British Virgin Islands.

Ginger Island flaunts a picturesque, sloping landscape with views over Sir Francis Drake Channel. The location is understood for its extraordinary diving as well as snorkeling sites.

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How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

Personal Island in the most scenic bay of Curacao.
$ 8,800,000.

A 7.3-acre (2 Ha), exclusive island is located within the stunning harbor of Curacao, the Spanish Water Bay. The home has all rewards of an island lifestyle, including stunning waters and rich marine life.

At the same time, mainland facilities, such as a golf resort as well as superior restaurants, are quickly reachable by watercraft.

Fort Morgan Cay, Honduras: a personal Island with a previous Spanish fortress.
Cost on request.

If you’re seeking an island in Belize’s Harvest Caye, made famous by Hollywood stars, take a look at the Bay Islands Department of Honduras.

Found in the same peninsula as Harvest Caye and likewise fairly near the mainland, Bay Islands Department (or Islas de la Bahía) is composed of some lovely exclusive islands; one of which, Ft Morgan Cay, is currently up for sale.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

Just how much is a private Island in the South Pacific?
Price array: $502,000 – 65,000,000.
Mean price: $6,500,000.

From Hawaii and also Chile’s Pacific Coast to Fiji, French Polynesia, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and also Australia, the South Pacific offers a variety of personal islands including beautiful nature and also a really remote lifestyle.

It’s a possibility to live, essentially, hundreds of miles from mainland troubles. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that a few of these secluded islands are nearly unreachable, also for viruses.

Our South Pacific selection includes islands near the landmass of New Zealand and Chile, along with smaller tracts shed in the substantial seascape.

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Motu Moie in the Society Islands, French Polynesia, situated on the edge of the picturesque coral reef.
$ 6,500,000.

Motu Moie is a 20-acre (8 Ha), exclusive, Tahitian island located in the Culture Islands of French Polynesia, 90 miles from the resources city of Papeete and also 15 miles from the tops of Bora Bora.

It is positioned on the edge of a reef within a lagoon, bordering the islands of Taha’an as well as Raiatea. The island is suitable for an exclusive vacation however likewise could be created as an exclusive resort.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

Nanukulevu Island, Fiji: the timeless exotic island with wonderful neighbors a short sail away.
$ 3,250,000.

White sand coastlines, blue-green blue water, coconut hands swing in the breeze– Nanukulevu has all of it. It’s situated to the north of Fiji’s third biggest island, Taveuni. In the distance you can see Laucala Island came from the Red Bull proprietor.

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Isla Mutri, Patagonia, Chile: the most inexpensive exclusive Island on the marketplace.
$ 502,103.

Isla Mutri situated within the arms of Chilean Patagonia belongs to the Llanchild Islands group.

The area is a little wild animals heaven 62 acres (25 Ha) of land which is mainly covered by woodlands (consisting of honorable woods) and also about 1.3 mi. (2.1 kilometres) of a shoreline.

Pepin Island, New Zealand: Lord-of-the-Rings-style landscapes for personal usage.
Approximate: $10,618,557.

Pepin is a 1,280-acre (518 Ha) island with very easy road gain access to; it’s 20 mins’ drive from the nationwide airport of Nelson City.

The island’s stunning landscape combines rolling paddocks, indigenous shrub, sea, as well as high cliffs along with private beaches and also coves seldom seen by individuals.

The island additionally organizes a sheep farm, orchards, as well as ache haciendas.

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Ifuru Island, Maldives: a private island resort.
$ 65,000,000.

Ifuru is a resort island nestled in Raa Atoll, a secluded enclave in the north of the Maldives. According to the seller, the home uses a superb return on investment, mainly as a result of the distinct performances offered by the tiny airport located on the island.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

How much does a personal island price in Southeast Asia? Price array: $2,865,000-158,628,000. Typical price: $4,600,000.

Southeast Asia is located in a part of the world recognized for the many, beautiful islands of the Philippines as well as uncommon finds.

Such as the private island in Sri Lanka with remote surfing spots or the globe’s most pricey private island in Thailand with a price tag of greater than $150,000,000.

276 Rai, Thailand: the priciest private Island available in 2021. $158,628,000.

This island is situated about 20 mins by watercraft from both Phuket and also Coconut Island and looks like a completely remote, honeymoon-style place with its white sand beaches and also Instagrammable tree swings.

The 110-acre (44 Ha) island has fundamental facilities, consisting of fresh water, an electric generator, and even a mobile signal; so, you are not totally remove from truth.

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Sidanao Island, Philippines: surrounded by one of the country’s finest nature gets. $4,000,000

Sidanao is located in proximity (roughly a 10-minute boat trip) to the Tabon Caves Complicated: an attractive nature reserve and Cradle of World for the Philippines.

The island is covered by coconut palm woodlands and also can be bought using major globe currencies or Bitcoin.

Barberyn Island: a rare possibility to purchase a private island in Sri Lanka.
Rate on demand.

This tiny and lovely 11-acre (4.5 Ha) exclusive island has just a jetty and a breakwater, but developing approval can easily be obtained; the residential or commercial property is currently registered as a hotel.

The island can also be developed as a completely personal, high-security vacation home. It is private yet still close to the expressway to the global flight terminal.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

Just how much is a private island in Europe as well as the Center East? Cost variety: $1,325,000 – 110,000,000. Average rate: $10,630,000.

A really small number of countries exist in Europe where a buyer can find personal islands readily available up for sale.

Greece continues to be the significant European location for island hunters; the country offers genuine islands that often include historical churches, stunning lighthouses, and conventional homes.

In Turkey and also Dubai, a customer primarily will locate personal island resorts with rates as much as $110,000,000.

Picturesque, private islands likewise can be found in Northern Europe, amongst Norwegian fjords or along the Swedish coast.

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Ethereal, Greece: genuine island once organized the Beatles and also Winston Churchill.
$ 10,630,000.

Ethereal Island is located in the South European Gulf, a couple of miles from the landmass and the town of Eretria, as well as a 15-minute helicopter trip from Athens.

According to the seller, Ethereal appreciated a vivid past and was regularly gone to by stars, among whom were the Beatles, Winston Churchill, the Greek royal household, as well as the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

A personal Island with a view of Dubai horizon.
$ 21,779,374.

Located in a natural surroundings, this island is an exclusive hideaway a globe away from the busy city of Dubai, yet just half an hour from Dubai International Flight terminal as well as a brief jump from Jumeirah 1 Marina.

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A private island in Norway’s renowned island chain. $1,334,201.

Among the most affordable personal islands on the marketplace exists within the beautiful archipelago of Norway’s southern coastline.

An owner could appreciate an early morning coffee, while enjoying remarkable sights of the picturesque arms: Hallandvikkilen in the west; Stølaholmen as well as Stølekilen in the north; Brønnviga, Ballersundet, and also Torvefjorden in the eastern; and also past Brattholmen, Riveneset, as well as Oksen to Rivenesfjorden in the south.

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How Much Would it Cost to Buy an Island?

How much does an exclusive island expense in The United States and Canada?
Cost array: $795,000-15,000,000.
Mean rate: $1,576,000.

Surprisingly, USA islands go to the reduced end of the world’s median rate for a private island.

One of main factors for this most likely is the multitude of affordable islands available off the coastline of the New England states and Pacific Northwest States, including Alaska.

That doesn’t indicate, however, that you can’t locate an economical, personal island in the warm waters of Florida.

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Terra’s Key, Florida, and a gated island in Islamorada. $15,000,000

Terra’s Key, situated at Mile Pen 79.7 in Islamorada, features a 2,000 ft. driveway, allowing you to reach mainland restaurants and also shopping malls conveniently.

The 15.5-acre (6.3 Ha) island is bordered by miles of open water views and the sights of Alligator Coral reef Light.

A man-made island with a view of NYC.

Any owner of this self-reliant, synthetic island positioned in Long Island Noise will appreciate sights of NYC as well as the city of New Rochelle from the loft-style roofing system terrace.

The property is found a quick paddleboard ride from Pea Island and is 2 nautical miles from Columbia Island.

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Wheeler Island with a mansion-style home in Connecticut. $3,000,000

An island providing your own sandy beach and 0.77 manicured acres (0.3 Ha) with rolling, green yard.

Your home has 2, wrap-around decks and also an outside eating area designed for fun, relaxation, and leaving the concerns of everyday life. Can easily be retrofitted to increase to year-round use.

Hardon Island in Sucia Island Marine State Park, Washington. $795,000

Harndon Island is situated in the Salish Sea, a scenic, coastal river in between the United States and also Canada, supplying wonderful sights and diverse aquatic life. The 2-acre island has a small, camping cabin with incredible sights of the park and also Orcas Island.

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