Direct Flights to Bora Bora | Complete Detailed

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Direct flights to Bora Bora, this article have the answer to one of the most common question often ask by beginners travelers, in this article I have list out three country with direct flight to Bora bora, and of course we can’t list all the countries in the world in this article, else the post will be too long to read.

Direct flights to Bora Bora

Flights from Lagos to Bora Bora

Flights from Lagos to Bora Bora provide the ideal getaway, whether you’re seeking for a huge adventure or just want to go away for a last-minute holiday.

Exploring Bora Bora not only allows you to create amazing memories, sample exquisite cuisine, and explore local sights, but the low airfare ensures that you won’t break the bank.

So, whether your ideal itinerary is for flying one way, nonstop, or round trip, Expedia is sure to have flights that fit your needs at costs that won’t break the bank.

Expedia has a sizzling selection of cheap airlines that will put you in your happy place on their planes, whether it’s getting lost in a hair-raising airport thriller.

Dreaming about the passing landscape over a glass of bubbly, or jotting down your vacation bucket list at 38,000 feet. There will undoubtedly be several chances to take images of the good life that will make your pals envious. After all, half of the enjoyment is enjoying the voyage.

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There’s no excuse to put off booking a superb trip from to today when there are so many economical flights and so many exciting activities waiting for you. So don’t wait until the last minute to plan your ideal vacation:

With Expedia, the delights of Bora Bora are just a plane ride away. Pack your luggage with your favorite travel accessories. Make a list of must-see sights and can’t-miss activities, and get ready to extend your horizons. Make your vacation plans with us right now!

Many people choose to buy one-way tickets with the option of flying with other airlines if they want more flexibility when booking flights to Bora Bora. A one-way flight to Bora Bora is now available!

As of February 2022, a flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Bora Bora may cost up to $2735 dollars.

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Direct Flights to Bora Bora

Flights from Los Angeles to Bora Bora

Taking a nonstop trip to Faa’a International Airport from Los Angeles or San Francisco is the easiest way to get to Bora Bora. Rates may change depending on the time of year, as they would for any other trip, so compare and follow prices using Google Flights or your preferred airline search engine.

To give you an example, you could depart LAX at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday in April, arrive in Tahiti at 9:20 p.m., stay for nearly a week, and come home on Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m.

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According to Google Flights. The following day, rejuvenated from your vacation, you’d arrive in Los Angeles at 9:40 a.m.

It will take you slightly over eight hours to drive each way. Prices have also decreased as a result of the entrance of more airlines operating to Tahiti.

Keep an eye on these costs since they might change depending on the season, holidays, gasoline prices, and other variables.

Because most vacation packages include airfare, choosing a comprehensive package will save you money on both hotel and flights.

From Los Angeles to Bora Bora will cost up to $1828 for a direct flight, all you need to do is to get ready for an adventure of your lifetime in Bora Bora.

Direct Flights to Bora Bora

Flights from Paris, France to Bora Bora

Searching various websites is the greatest approach to locate a great price on flights. When you use Fare Compare to do a search. We scan numerous sites and fare sources at the same time so you don’t have to, which is why we believe Fare Compare is the greatest way to get affordable tickets.

Airlines might change the price of a flight from Paris, France to Bora Bora depending on the day and time you book it.

We gathered data from all airlines and discovered that the best days to book flights are often Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Read our post on the best time to purchase plane tickets for additional information.

We gathered airline pricing information from all around the web for travel from Paris, France to Bora Bora, and discovered that the average airfare price for this trip is $2394, as of February 2022.

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Direct Flights to Bora Bora


If you are looking for direct flights to Bora Bora you can travel on a weekly basis from Los Angeles. There are two main airline operators flying in and out of the Bora Bora region, these are Air Tahiti Nui and Air France.

Both offer non stop jet service to the island of Bora Bora. If you’re looking for direct flights to Bora Bora, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Flights are often in high demand and sell out quickly.

This is due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of direct flights to Bora Bora each day, so travelers need to be flexible when booking a flight.

It’s also important to look for “open jaw” tickets that allow you to fly into and out of any airport in French Polynesia if your hotel’s location is not serviced by one of the three airports on the island.

The most affordable airline flying to Bora Bora is Air Tahiti Nui, but this airline does not serve hotels on the western side of the island.

Direct flights to Bora Bora have been a very popular search term, but finding them can be a bit tricky. There are only a few airlines that fly direct to Bora Bora and only certain locations offer flights with them.

You will find British Airways flying from Tahiti in French Polynesia, which has one of the cheapest flights to Tahiti.

If you’re looking for an island where you can relax, look no further. The scenery, water and ambiance is second to none and you won’t want to leave!

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Direct Flights to Bora Bora | Complete Detailed

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