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Cheap vacation in South Carolina. Summertime in America is synonymous with nice beach vacations, baseball games, and terrible fireworks choices.

Before we go deep into this article let’s see reasons why you should travel to South Carolina, it’s a great destination you will thank me for going there for the very first time.

Do you wish to improve your way of life? Who wouldn’t want that? Most of us would want a bigger house with more property, but we don’t want to take on additional jobs or sell our essential organs to make ends meet.

Cheap Vacation in South Carolina

Cheap vacation in South Carolina

This post will show you how to take advantage of the buyer’s market in Upstate South Carolina to significantly improve your living.

By the conclusion of this piece, you’ll understand why the time has come for you to relocate to South Carolina and live like the King or Queen you are.

The first benefit you have is that housing prices and property are quite inexpensive in comparison to the rest of the country.

Consider the city of Easley, South Carolina, a medium-sized suburb of Greenville, South Carolina. The typical house price in Easley is $177,500, and property taxes are only a third of the national average!

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Consider that for a moment. It’s not as if finding a decent deal necessitates purchasing a house in the middle of nowhere.

You may live in a large neighborhood with all of the amenities you want while yet getting a lot of house and property for a fraction of the price.

Apart from the immediate benefits of cheap South Carolina property prices, there is also considerable value in the present ultra-low mortgage rates.

Mortgage interest rates are at an all-time low, dating back to the 1960s! As a result, you’ll be able to match the cheap home costs with modest monthly payments. If you qualify for the current 2009 Housing Credit, you could just get another big bonus.

While many people believe that this credit is just for first-time home buyers, it is really for anybody who has not “owned” a property in the prior three years.

If you’ve been renting for a while but have previously owned a house, or if you’re a first-time home buyer, you might be eligible for a $8,000 Federal Tax Credit!

Whether or whether you qualify for the Federal Housing Credit, buying a house in South Carolina will allow you to take advantage of the cheap cost of living in this part of the country.

The inexpensive property taxes and housing prices stated earlier are just a few examples of the tremendous value earned by relocating to South Carolina from other areas.

Insurance, food, fuel, and a variety of other basics of life are all cheaper in Upstate South Carolina, depending on your personal requirements.

As you can see, relocating to this part of the country enables you to take advantage of a number of advantageous economic situations.

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Many wise consumers are discovering that moving “down south” helps them to considerably scale up or maintain their lifestyle in the middle of an economic downturn.

To summarize, the following are the favorable circumstances in South Carolina that will enable you to live like royalty:

  • Property Prices are Extremely Low
  • Property taxes are quite low.
  • Mortgage Interest Rates at Extremely Low Levels
  • The Federal Housing Credit in 2009
  • Relatively Low Living Costs

Make your next step sensible if you’re ready to enhance your lifestyle. Move to Upstate South Carolina and take advantage of various favorable economic circumstances!

With taffy and soft serve ice cream, midway rides, and Ferris wheels, family excursions to the coast are the stuff of unending childhood memories. It is, after all, intended for children. Because children are not required to pay for any of this.

Moms, fathers, and other grownups, on the other hand, will have to use their credit cards to enjoy all of the beach bliss. Which, if you’re on a tight budget, might make relaxing a stressful experience.

Sure, no beach trip is ever free. However, at Myrtle Beach, you can do everything you want to do on a beach vacation for a fraction of the cost.

The site that used to be known as the Dirty Myrtle has cleaned up in the last decade but hasn’t raised costs to match its new image, making it America’s finest value beach vacation.

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Cheap Vacation in South Carolina

Beach with clean sand

For decades, Myrtle Beach has been associated with big motorcycles topped by larger riders, belching their way up the boardwalk and disturbing peaceful beach days. Others saw it as a spring break destination, with teens stumbling through the beach with even less regard than inhibitions.

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It was, at most, a massive outdoor mall with mini-golf, terrible seafood restaurants, and three for $10 t-shirt stores.

All of it is still present to some extent. Between the airport and North Myrtle Beach, Highway 17, or Kings Highway, is still a parade of beach businesses, with a healthy scattering of seafood buffets thrown in for good measure.

Bike Week is still welcomed in the city, albeit it is now only held twice a year. And although Spring Break still attracts a large number of college students. You won’t experience the same level of chaos here as you would in, say, South Beach.

The city renovated some ancient buildings and built a boardwalk to its downtown, removing seedy clubs and replaced them with family-friendly attractions like the enormous Sky wheel.

It now has a gleaming new minor-league baseball stadium where a family of four can enjoy an evening for around $100.

It also improved the 60-mile stretch of coastline known as The Grand Strand by reducing high-rises and leaving enough of sand for everyone.

Beaches are, of course, virtually always free (what’s up, New Jersey? ), but staying anywhere near them is usually not. However, since Myrtle Beach has so much beachfront, it also has a lot of hotel inventory on the beach.

That means you may stay at the Anderson Ocean Club, where a fully furnished contemporary apartment with an ocean view costs about $250 per night throughout the week.

Alternatively, you may stay on the cheap directly on the beach at places like the Best Western Grand Strand, which offers prices under $100.

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As soon as you step off the beach, you can soak up the rays at one of the many beachside bars along the boardwalk, where $2 beer discounts are the usual.

Local craft beers are also available for $4. There are also the obligatory fruity beverages, albeit few of them exceed $9.

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Cheap Vacation in South Carolina

Beyond the beaches, the countryside in the south is breathtaking.

However, Myrtle Beach’s beachfront isn’t the only place where you can find inexpensive relaxation. Brook green Gardens, about 20 minutes south, is a work of art. Arthur Huntington and his wife Anna Hyatt Huntington founded a former rice farm in 1931.

The 15-square-mile park includes a zoo, boat cruises to isolated portions of the plantation, and a stunning sculpture garden with over 2000 works.

A stroll through the grounds is like walking through a perfectly temperate art museum, with fountains, live oak alleys, and bronze statues of Greek gods all under a canopy of Spanish moss.

A ticket costs $18 for adults and is valid for seven days, so you may come back and see something new every day. If you’re searching for a more natural experience, the cypress swamp near the Waccamaw River is a great spot to go.

Richard Laurent, owner of Black River Outdoors in nearby Conway, offers a particularly relaxing kayak trip that takes you deep into the wilderness while he wrangles brown water snakes from the trees.

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As we paddled over the eerily still dark waters on a gorgeous Tuesday morning, he assured me, and I’m going to transform the way you look at snakes.” He stated that just a few, if any, are hazardous, and that the most of them simply want to be left alone in the water.

I found it difficult to image Myrtle Beach as anything other than lovely after spending half a day listening to him describe the fauna against the blue sky and green cypress trees.

Murrells Inlet, not far from Brook green Gardens, is best known as the home of Suck, Bang, Blow, the state’s baddest biker bar. During the time between Easter and Bike Week, though, that bar felt like simply another outside area to enjoy the wetlands.

After a drink there, I went to Wicked Tuna for a sun-drenched lunch. Wicked Tuna is a marsh side seafood restaurant that brings fresh fish in on its boats every morning for lunch and dinner.

I had a tuna poke bowl with avocado on a hot afternoon. The fish was still cold from the Atlantic, and it seemed like the perfect vacation meal to wash it down with a cold local beer. My bill was still less than $25.

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Cheap Vacation in South Carolina

Golf of international renown.

Myrtle Beach now boasts around 90 golf courses, down from roughly 200 in the past, but it has grown into a golf holiday destination on par with Hilton Head or Ponte Vedra.

As we relax in the old southern clubhouse at Pine Lakes Country Club, Steve Mays tells me, “What’s amazing about Myrtle Beach is that we haven’t expanded because of pro golf.”

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Mays is the President of Founders Group, which owns a number of well-known golf courses in the area. “It’s been an amateur’s dream come true; people have come here to play and keep coming back.”

Despite the fact that no PGA Tour tournaments are held in the area, approximately a million golfers visit each year.

Many days, they play courses like Jack Nicklaus’ Pawleys Plantation and Pine Lakes, with its majestic, superbly constructed clubhouse, for less than $100 per round.

The second kind of golf that Myrtle Beach is renowned for is miniature golf. And there are many of them.

As mini-golf courses with themes ranging from Mayan ruins to outer space dot the main road. My second shot on hole 14 was halted by a big animatronic T-rex emerging from behind a wrecked concrete wall.

So I played a round at Jurassic Golf near the airport. For fifteen bucks, you may play here until it no longer surprises you.

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Fast driving and slow eating.

Try driving a decommissioned NASCAR stock car around a racing track if golf isn’t exhilarating enough and you need some excitement to counteract all that leisure.

The NASCAR Racing Experience, which travels to destinations like Las Vegas and Charlotte to accompany the major races, has its sole permanent attraction in Myrtle Beach.

After a brief tutorial, you may put on a fire-retardant suit, strap into a vehicle that Dale Jr. used to drive, and drive three laps in left turns.

It’s not inexpensive at $199. However, when compared to paying upwards of $500 to do the same thing at an F1 circuit in Europe, it’s a steal.

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Eating good here won’t break the bank either. Hook and Barrel, roughly 10 minutes north of Kings Highway’s main strip, is perhaps the city’s best restaurant.

On the Tuesday night I went in, the big farm-to-table café had a 20-minute wait, and a skillful bartender handled a two-deep bar with customers dining at every seat.

A pesto chicken flatbread, filet mignon, and a bottle of rare Uruguayan Tannat were among the dishes I appreciated. My whole amount, including tip, was not $100.

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen is located closer to the action. Braised short rib and gourmet chicken and dumplings are among the menu’s highlights.

The kind of high-end Southern comfort cuisine that restaurants in the north try to imitate. The drinks here are without a doubt the finest in town, and they cost about $10 apiece.

Everything in Myrtle Beach offers tourists reverse sticker shock: you expect things to cost around 30% more than they do, and you’re always pleasantly surprised by how nice they are.

It’s known as the anti-tourist trap. Disney’s polar opposite. When seeking for a place to spend their summer vacation by the sea.

Families will be hard-pressed to find a better all-around bargain. Just make sure you’re not visiting during Bike Week.

Cheap Vacation in South Carolina

End of the line

From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, the state of South Carolina is loaded with tourist attractions and vacation events, family activities, excellent accommodations, affordable dining and some of the best seafood around.

So if you are thinking of planning a new vacation this year and want to gather information about where to stay, what things to see and do, where to eat and more then you have come to the right place.

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South Carolina is a state with ever changing topography and an active coastal plan. With its mild to warm climate, South Carolina has many activities that are fun for all the family throughout the year.

If you have time for a vacation or traveling in South Carolina, here are some of the things you should not forget to do once you get to the state.

The Palmetto State is filled with fun activities, culture and history. You don’t have to break the bank to see all that the area has to offer. If you’re ready to plan your next South Carolina vacation, look no further than our handy travel guide.

Here are some of our favorite things you can do in South Carolina on a budget, from exploring Civil War history in Columbia to meeting animals at Brookgreen Gardens:

Want to have a good time and save money? Head to South Carolina. This state’s mild winters, variety of outdoor activities and its vibrant culture will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a trip, check out a few of these destinations and start planning your vacation now!

If you enjoy golf, then Myrtle Beach is the place for you because it has so many different golf courses to choose from. The views of the ocean are amazing and the beach is located right there.

You can play your golf and putt through a big sand dune that is near the water. If you would like to take in some sightseeing, then Charleston is not far from here so you can catch a trolley or rent a car to get over there.

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If horseback riding is something that you enjoy then Pawley’s Island just might be a great place for you because this community has its own stable on site where it will take you on a nice relaxing ride along the beachfront.

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Cheap Vacation in South Carolina | Travel on Budget

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