Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island? Detailed Travel Guide

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Best time to visit Norfolk Island? Are you considering a vacation to Norfolk Island? Then the below overview of planning your Norfolk Island vacation will provide you with a wonderful understanding and specialist pointers to this fantastic island.


Norfolk Island is not serviced daily from Australia. Air New Zealand flies three times a week from Sydney and also twice a week from Brisbane (throughout peak times). Air New Zealand partner with Qantas to do links from other domestic ports (eg. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns).


Because of the islands sub-tropical climate, the climate is temperate year round, this implies anytime is a great time to see Norfolk Island. There is a wet winter from April with till August and also a completely dry summer from September via until March. 

The water temperature level is consistent with the majority of the year, so snorkeling and water-based tasks aren’t impossible in winter, yet you do want to bring some warmer layers specifically for the evening.


Norfolk Island does have its own time zone which is GMT + 11 (or UTC +11 hours), which is 1 hr. ahead of AEST which is line with the South Island of New Zealand. Norfolk Island does have daytime cost savings from October – April.

Holiday Accommodation on Norfolk Island

There is a large selection of holiday accommodation types/styles on offer on the island, with something to collection everybody’s spending plan or preferences. Mostly the accommodation on the island is self-catering apartments/cottages/villa or residences. 

Large resorts like the South Pacific Resort, Governor’s Lodge Resort Hotel or Paradise Hotel have upwards of 30 spaces on offer to customers looking for the more conventional hotel/resort design choice.

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Best time to visit norfolk island

Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island

Cars And Truck EMPLOY

With the island having no public transportation and just one taxi, anyone checking out the island will certainly eventually need an automobile to go out and also discover this incredible Island.

All our plans include the car hire included throughout of the clients remain. Just remember that cows have the right-of-way on the roads.


When it concerns purchasing, Norfolk Island resembles checking out a nation town, with the main purchasing hours on Norfolk Island in between approximately 9 am to 5 pm.

On Wednesday’s as well as Saturday’s, stores close at 12:30 pm. The majority of stores are closed on Sunday’s, with a few exceptions that are open up until 12:30 pm.

The primary grocery store on Norfolk Island is called Foodland’s Supermarket. It is open 7 days a week until 6 pm for your main grocery requirements.

The farmers’ markets get on every Saturday early morning from 7.30 am – 10.30 am. The Island Arts and Crafts markets are on every Sunday early morning from 8.30 am – 11.00 am.


Exploring is just one of the very best methods to learn more about the island, from its history, current way of life, nature as well as animal life to food preparation classes, there is something for everybody. Check out our 10 unique points to do on Norfolk Island blog or Globe Heritage and Historic Places on Norfolk Island blog to read more.

Norfolk Island Restaurants

Locavoure is the word that enters your mind when eating on Norfolk Island. With the island having the ability to grow a lot of their fruit and vegetables on the Island, everything is so fresh, but please note things can be seasonal.

There more than 30 different eating locations on the island however a Dinner/Show is an additional terrific option for eating in restaurants. Please note that restaurants aren’t open up every night of the week so please contact the dining establishment before going out.

Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island
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Their power is 240Volts Air Conditioning and also their power points are all three pin plugs like we have in Australia. A power surge security tool is recommended for all electronic tools.


Medicare is approved on Norfolk Island. There is a medical clinic on the island, if you need major medical treatment, after that you would certainly be sent to mainland Australia by means of a medical flight.


There is a local mobile network on Norfolk Island that if you take your mobile with you, you can buy a local sim card to utilize in your mobile phone provided you are not locked to a specific telephone company.

Norfolk Telecommunications Hotspot Vouchers are readily available for acquisition for pre-paid web time using your tool’s Wi-Fi capacities.


English is the usual language on Norfolk Island yet the Norfolk Islanders speak their very own language which is a mix of English as well as Tahitian. The language was given the Island by the Pitcairners.

If you are interested in finding out more regarding the neighborhood language, Pacifica Travel consist of a “Norfolk Language Class” in all our packages.

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Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island


Please load your prescription medicine into your hand baggage in case your check baggage is delayed. Foods – Fresh fruit and vegetables are prohibited imports into Norfolk Island.
Make sure to load a coat as it can get actually gusty and also awesome during the night.

In Norfolk Island, situated in the South Pacific Sea to the eastern of Australia, at 29 levels south latitude, the environment is subtropical oceanic.

The climate is spring-like most of the year, with constant rainfall as well as wind, but additionally an appropriate amount of sunlight. 

In the hottest months, January as well as February, the temperature level is around 25 ° C (77 ° F) throughout the day as well as around 19/20 ° C (66/68 ° F) at night; the highest recorded temperatures are around 30 ° C (86 ° F). In the coolest months, July as well as August, highs are around 18 ° C (64 ° F) and lows around 13 ° C (55 ° F). 

In winter season, from June to August, the westerly winds, which dominate in this period, can bring waves of bad climate, with wind and rain, while sometimes, cold air masses of Antarctic origin can bring a little cool during the night, with lows around 10 ° C (50 ° F).
Below are the ordinary temperatures in Kingston, the capital.

Rainfall is reasonably bountiful, in fact, 1,300 millimeters (51 inches) of rainfall is lost each year. There is no genuine completely dry period, although in spring and also summer, from September to March, precipitation goes down listed below 100 mm (4 in) monthly, while in autumn and also winter season, from April to August, it hovers in between 120 and 150 mm (4.7 and 6 in) each month. 

The rainfall records are high in all months, which implies that it can sometimes drizzle a great deal also in spring and also summertime.
Below is the average rainfall in Kingston.

The temperature level of the sea is cozy enough for swimming from January to April, while it becomes a bit cool in the cold weather, considering that it goes down to 19 ° C (66 ° F) from July to September.

Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island is not exactly in the path of tropical cyclones, but often, one of them can leave the exotic belt and head to the south, passing over the island before compromising in the cooler southerly seas. This occurs from November to April, but more often from January to March.

Ideal Time

The most effective time to see Norfolk Island runs from October to March, when the rains are much less hefty, sunlight much more constant and the temperature level enjoyable.

The hottest months, where you can additionally swim in the sea, are January, February as well as March. However, from November to April, and also specifically from January to March, the residues of tropical cyclones can sometimes affect the island.

So, the month of October, which is pleasurable as well as spring-like, with daytime temperature levels around 20 °C (68 °F), can be interesting, although it is quite stormy (and also occasionally gusty). What to pack

In winter (June to August): bring spring/autumn clothes, a coat, a coat, as well as a raincoat or umbrella. In summer (December to February), bring light garments for the day, a headscarf for the breeze, a sweatshirt as well as possibly a light jacket for the evening; a light raincoat or umbrella.

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Best Time to Visit Norfolk Island? Detailed Travel Guide

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