Best country to live in Africa

If you are considering living and working abroad, you may wish to believe beyond America, Europe, and Asia, and think about the very best nation in Africa to reside in; which will assist you explore this continent loaded with over 1 billion individuals, environmental and cultural variety, stunning landscapes and emerging markets. The huge continent is

Fastest growing cities in Florida

McCalla–1745 people in 2012, growing a whopping 88% since 2000 Tampa–1,678 people in 2012, growing 47% since 2000 Live: Park Vista – FL, 4469 population – growing 40% since 2000 Longwood–5337 people in 2012, growing 25% since 2000 Leisurely retirement? Wootten–23,414 population–growing 19% since 2000 Florence–6,704 people in 2012, growing 5% since 2000 Statewide growth