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Galapagos Island family vacation – how to travel with family, If you have kids that have an interest in nature as well as wild animals, then Galapagos is one of the most remarkable put on this world to discover, interact with, and also genuinely recognize nature.

Fearless wild animals techniques and interacts with children routinely, and also they can snorkel with sea lions, swim with marine iguanas, and admire 200 year old giant tortoises. 

Exactly how about hiking active volcanoes, walking through huge lava tubes as well as learning more about Darwin’s journey to Galapagos and also the theory of evolution in front of your eyes. Some luxury yachts have unique family departures that include additional overviews as well as activities for children.

Others provide collection lodgings, onboard pool, recreation rooms, and also extra versatile dish options. Below are our leading 10 Galapagos Vacations for Family members as selected by Journey Life’s Galapagos professionals?

Galapagos family cruise ships and also trips integrate nature, wild animals, journey and enjoyable. The Galapagos uses hands-on learning, up-close wild animal’s experiences and a range of activities that maintain the entire family involved.

Read on for insider insight and recommendations on travel to Galapagos with kids or head to the bottom for a designated checklist of our top Galapagos family members cruise ships and trips.

Galapagos island family vacation

Galapagos Island Family Vacation

Small ship family members cruises in the Galapagos are the perfect system for family members travel, as they offer the capability to just unbox once, include all dishes and have interesting guides.

The small ship environment develops a setting of household bonding where tasks, programs and also meals are opportunities to bring families together, sharing rate of interests and unique experiences. 

We thought is wise enough to let you know about the temperature of Galapagos from January to December even before you decide to visit! find the table below with all the detailed temperature you may need.

AverageJanuary ⛅February ⛅March ⛅April ⛅May ⛅June ⛅
High49°F 9.44°C 52°F 11.11°C58°F 14.44°C 62°F 16.66°C70°F 21.11°C81°F 27.22°C
Temp39°F 3.88°C41°F 5°C 47°F 8.33°C 51°F 10.55°C 58°F 14.44°C68°F 20°C
Low32°F 0°C 33°F 0.55°C 37°F 2.77°C 41°F 5°C 47°F 8.33°C 54°F 12.22°C
AverageJuly ⛅August ⛅September ⛅October ⛅November ⛅December ⛅
High88°F 31.11°C 87°F 30.55°C 78°F 25.55°C66°F 18.88°C 56°F 13.33°C49°F 9.44°C
Temp75°F 23.88°C74°F 23.33°C 66°F 18.88°C 56°F 13.33°C46°F 7.77°C 40°F 4.44°C
Low59°F 15°C 59°F 15°C 53°F 11.66°C 46°F 7.77°C 39°F 3.88°C 33°F 0.55°C
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Rainfall ⛈1.0″ ⛈0.8″ ⛈0.8″ ⛈1.3″ ⛈1.4″ ⛈0.9″ ⛈
Sun Daylight ☼9.7h ☼10.7h ☼12.0h ☼ 13.4h ☼ 14.5h ☼15.0h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 🌫8.2 🌫8.6 🌫8.8 🌫8.8 🌫8.0 🌫7.6 🌫
Rainfall ⛈0.3″ ⛈0.3″ ⛈0.7″ ⛈1.7″ ⛈1.6″ ⛈1.1″ ⛈
Sun Daylight ☼14.7h ☼13.7h ☼12.4h ☼11.1h ☼ 9.9h ☼ 9.3h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 🌫7.6 🌫7.4 🌫7.4 🌫 7.9 🌫8.2 🌫8.1 🌫


The tourist score prefers clear, rainless days with regarded temperature levels in between 65 ° F as well as 80 ° F. Based on this score, the very best time of year to check out Galápagos for basic exterior traveler tasks is from very early June to late September, with a peak rating in the initial week of July.


The Galapagos Islands are home to an amazing range of wild animals, making the island chain one of the world’s premier locations to experience wild animals.

Pets here advanced without killers and thus have no fear of human beings, making them distinctly approachable and perfect for mild wild animals viewing by children.

The most effective Galapagos tours for households will consist of possibilities to swim with sea lions, walk with aquatic iguanas, dancing with blue-footed boobies, witness huge tortoise and also learn about Darwin’s finches.

Scientific research as well as education and learning are likewise inherent in a great Galapagos family cruise ship as well as expedition leaders are trained to make the island’s all-natural as well as human history come to life for family members.

Sharing the Galapagos with kids is a finding out experience for the whole household.

Galapagos Island Family Vacation


A Galapagos family journey is a daring holiday. Reaching and from the Galapagos requires lengthy travel days. Cruising via the Galapagos can be the journey of a life time, as it is more than a relaxing beach vacation, abundant with active exploration and discovering daily.

Spanish talking is not required to delight in a trip to the Galapagos, yet can be a fantastic chance to practice and discover new words. All the guides and a lot of the crew aboard little ships will certainly talk English.

To start a Galapagos Islands household cruise ship or trip, it helps to have a feeling of journey and a healthy dose of persistence to sustain the periodic challenges and incidents that can take place during global traveling.


when considering travel to the Galapagos Islands with kids, we suggest age 6 as well as older. Plans for children aboard tiny ship cruises differ in between each vessel; some enable youngsters of all ages, however others may have a minimal age demand of 5, 6 or 7.

Age exemptions might be possible for designated Galapagos family cruise ship departures and/or personal charters.

Bear in mind, these are not just cruises, yet expeditions. Youngsters are anticipated to join off-vessel tasks such as walking, swimming and snorkeling.

If your youngster does not swim, a cruise using a glass-bottom boat activity would be suggested (we can assist you locate one that does).

Children are expected to adhere to the regulations, both aboard the ship and also while onto land in the Galapagos. Bear in mind that there are no babysitting services aboard little ships or yachts.

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Galapagos Island Family Vacation

If you intend to bring a young child that cannot participate in the activities, after that an adult must stay with that kid and also will miss out on any type of activities.

The function of a family members cruise is to appreciate and experience the islands as a family, finding out and sharing together.

The wonderful spot for children is age 8-12 years old. These youngsters are old enough to appreciate as well as take pleasure in the wild animals and experiences they will certainly run into.

They are young sufficient that a journey such as this will certainly make a lifelong impression on them, hopefully instilling a love for learning, nature and also traveling. Youngsters under 12 years old usually receive the most substantial kids’ price cut.

Teenagers will additionally enjoy travel to the Galapagos. Devoted teen separations are a superb way to maintain them involved and also delighted by traveling with other young vacationers of similar age.

We have located that a fantastic way to intrigue teens is to have them participate, together with the adults, in documenting the journey.

Have them modify photos and also videos, developing slideshows and also films that will come to be important family mementos.

This encourages teens to use their unavoidable display time in a productive and academic method.

Listen to Why Kids Love Galapagos Family Cruises

Our household cruise ships page details all the reasons tiny cruise liner are excellent for households. But why not take it from the kids themselves, straight from their Galapagos family holiday:

Galapagos Island Family Vacation


Travel to Galapagos with kids is not impossible. If bringing your kid along is essential to you, after that our experts can absolutely suggest the Galapagos tiny ships and also lodges that approve youngsters of all ages for their programs.

That stated, there are a couple of points you ought to think about so you are well ready as well as know what to expect.

During excursions to visitor websites on unoccupied islands, Galapagos National Park policies state that visitors need to be in the firm of a guide whatsoever times.

Parents as well as a picky child cannot separate themselves from the activity group or walk back to the meeting point on their own.

Restrooms are not offered on shore expeditions, as well as it is your duty not to present any international components like garbage, food or diapers right into the delicate communities.

Keep in mind too that Ecuador lies directly on the equator so the sun can be very harsh with little to no sanctuary or shade.

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The Galápagos Islands are suitable for cruise ships as well as land trips all year-round.

By sea: the most dedicated Galapagos family members cruise ships take place during the summer, over the Christmas/New Year vacation as well as on the Springtime Break/Easter vacation.

Xmas and Easter weeks are incredibly preferred and also can book up over one year beforehand. These are likewise one of the most preferred times to take a trip for non-families so unfortunately, don’t anticipate any type of kid discount rates throughout the vacations.

Family cruises are likewise scheduled throughout the summer months, when children are out of institution.

This is a great time to plan your trip, however the months of June-August are additionally really hectic and need to be booked 6-9 months in advance for the very best option of ships and also cabin classifications. Learn more concerning the most effective time to see Galapagos.


There are several alternatives to select from when thinking of family cruise ships to the Galapagos. Listed below we outline different designs and also subtleties of family cruise ships you will experience in your research study.

Read very carefully to understand the distinction between family-focused cruise ships and family-friendly cruise ships.

This distinction will certainly aid you determine the most effective Galapagos cruise ship for households. Or contact our Galapagos family member’s experts for a personal examination.

Galapagos Island Family Vacation

Family-Focused Cruises

There are many little ships and also yachts that will fit travel with youngsters and without a doubt many business proactively market to this section of the travel market.

Yet not all cruises, as a matter of fact just a pick few, use a real family-focused program on a dedicated family member’s separation.

Family-focused cruises consist of overviews as well as team trained to deal with younger travelers, activities created to bring families together through expedition.

Dishes as well as food selections made with younger tourists in mind and also most significantly they intend to have family members of similar ages taking a trip with each other.

In order to offer a devoted family-focused cruise, a ship will certainly offer arranged family members separation days that stand out from standard separations.

On our website look for the “theme” departure symbol on pricing tables of each cruise ship as it might indicate a household separation.

Beware not to think that since a cruise offers a youngster price cut and some onboard activities, that you are scheduling a family member’s cruise.

Adventure Smith provides great family-focused cruises with excellent guide-to-passenger proportion, enjoyable programs geared for children like stargazing, menus created with children in mind and specific departures for young kids as well as separations for teenagers.

Special teen cruise ships likewise supply an opportunity for offering as well as social exchange in the Galapagos Islands. We extremely advise family members consider a dedicated family-focused cruise.

Family-Friendly Cruises

Some cruise lines don’t fundamentally change their programs but instead use family-friendly features such as youngster dishes, enjoyable learning materials, witch hunt, cooking classes, crafts as well as onboard games and programs to delight kids.

These programs can be fun and also useful for family members taking a trip with children yet without committed family days, it is uncertain whether you will have other households aboard your cruise.

Certainly vacations and also summer cruise ships have a higher chance to travel with children of comparable ages.

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Galapagos Island Family Vacation


One of the best methods to guarantee a successful family cruise is to charter your very own boat. Exemptions for the onboard age requirement can generally be produced exclusive charters, as well as family members can also have even more control over the activities and also services offered aboard the ship.

Galapagos household charters usually need a minimum of 12 individuals and also can accommodate extended families as much as 100 individuals with lots of size selections in between.

Of course a charter also ensures you are traveling with an intimate group. Charter cruises are readily available aboard any of the ships detailed on this website. For the best choice of ships as well as dates, charters must be scheduled at least one year in advance.

Scheduling a household charter over the holidays may call for two years innovative preparation. Review our Galapagos yacht charter guide to find out more.


Kids under 12 years of ages typically get discounts on Galapagos household holiday packages. However at the start of your research, surf our Galapagos cruise offers as you may discover various other combinable special deals.

For selecting a ship as well as itinerary, our Galapagos Cruise Ship Preparation Overview is a fantastic tool as well as provides a riches of other understanding as well as advice when in the first stages of planning the very best Galapagos cruise ship for family members.

Galapagos cruise ships vary from 3 nights to 14 nights. We suggest going to the Galapagos on 7-night cruise ships and also many family-focused cruise ships are this length. Much shorter journeys are possible, but they are much more challenging for more youthful vacationers.

Spending a week ensures households experience the complete spectrum of islands, animals as well as environments on remote islands that are or else not accessible. The moment as well as initiative it takes to get to the Galapagos warrants a week-long family cruise.

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Galapagos Island Family Vacation


When you are researching a Galapagos household journey, recognize that you can select from both family-friendly cruise ships as well as land scenic tours.

Family members with infants or kids might discover that a lodge-based Galapagos journey permits a lot more versatility as well as space to stroll.

The very best Galapagos excursions for households operate in a tiny private group where family members can craft their own program as well as schedule tasks like a trip to a tortoise book at their recommended time of day.

Some lodges additionally use swimming pools, trekking tracks, coastline access, bikes and even more, to pass the time when not participating in a day expedition.


It is not possible to fly straight from North America to the Galapagos in someday. We advise families get here right into Ecuador a minimum of 2 days before your cruise ship and also plan to overnight 1 night after the cruise.

This makes sure more youthful travelers have time to acclimatize after the long trips and that your family will not fail if trips are postponed.

Plan to remain in Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador prior to as well as after your cruise. Schedule airport-to-hotel transfers beforehand so your household is not waiting to reach the resort after a lengthy trip.

There are a variety of family-friendly hotels in Quito as well as in Guayaquil. We can recommend resorts with a swimming pool to let children unwind and be amused while stopping over. Our Quito and also Guayaquil Galapagos Traveling Plans are a smooth way to travel via mainland Ecuador.

Or let our specialists tailor all of your arrangements, including trips, transfers, hotels, scenic tours, authorizations, as well as National Park entryway charges, to guarantee smooth Galapagos travel with youngsters.

Many households will likewise choose to extend their Galapagos cruise with a cultural Ecuador trip, a trip to the or Machu Picchu, Peru. Adventure Smith can help with all pre- and post-trip arrangements as well as full-service Galapagos family member’s vacation packages.

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Galapagos Island Family Vacation


A journey to the Galapagos and Ecuador can likewise be customized to help with social exchanges with local children.

We collaborate with Ecology Project International, an education-based and student-group-travel-focused non-profit dedicated to establishing field scientific research collaborations between neighborhood specialists as well as senior high school pupils to resolve important conservation issues worldwide.

We have scheduled EPI students to guide family member’s teams at the Charles Darwin Research study Terminal, providing the pupils an opportunity to display their understanding as well as permitting households a genuine interaction with local youngsters.

One more partner of ours is Kid of the Galapagos, a charitable organization produced to sustain the development, health and vitality of youngsters living in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, to foster enjoyable activity-based communication with local youngsters.

Kids can appreciate searching, skateboarding or biking with regional kids in a genuine cultural exchange that improves both citizens as well as site visitors.

These experiences are custom-made set up and are not consisted of in the standard price of a Galapagos cruise ship.

These types of interactions work especially well with charter cruises. Contact our Galapagos family cruise ship experts to find out more.


Selecting a Galapagos family members cruise or scenic tour on your own can be intimidating. For over a decade we have aided families inspect the Galapagos off their bucket list and supply answers to popular inquiries like:

Will my kids obtain nauseous in the Galapagos?

Does the cruise ship or scenic tour have a minimal age requirement?
What unique programs are offered for families or youngsters?
Does the ship or lodge offer services to make the journey more satisfying for youngsters?

To obtain you started we have actually assigned the trips below as our leading Galapagos family members cruise ships and also excursions. Take a look then call us for more proficiency as well as knowledge concerning traveling to Galapagos Islands with children.

Our specialists understand the ins and outs of family traveling in the Galapagos and also can assist you limit the most effective Galapagos trips for family members by land or sea.


The cruises as well as tours listed below hold true standouts for a Galapagos household trip. These Galapagos family members cruise ships and excursions are a great location to begin your trip planning and also research study.

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