Tuvalu Island – Least Visited Place in the World

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Tuvalu Island, previously known as the Ellice Islands, is an island nation in the Polynesian subarea of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu is made up of 3 reef islands and 6 atolls. The overall land area of the islands of Tuvalu is 26 square kilometers (10 sq. mi).

The very first occupants of Tuvalu were Polynesians, according to reputable theories relating to a migration of Polynesians into the Pacific that started about 3 thousand years ago.

Long prior to European contact with the Pacific islands, Polynesians often voyaged by canoe in between the islands. Their navigation abilities allowed them to make elaborately prepared journeys in either double-hulled cruising canoes or outrigger canoes.

Scholars think that the Polynesians spread out from Samoa and Tonga into the Tuvaluan atolls, which then served as a stepping stone for more migration into the Polynesian outliers in Melanesia and Micronesia.

In 1568, Spanish navigator Álvaro de Mendañan ended up being the very first European to cruise through the island chain, spotting the island of Nui throughout an exploration he was making in search of Terra Australia.

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Tuvalu Island

Tuvalu Island

The island of Funafuti was called Ellice’s Island in 1819. In the late 19th century, Great Britain declared control over the Ellice Islands, designating them as within their sphere of impact as the outcome of a treaty in between Great Britain and Germany that demarcated their particular spheres of impact in the Pacific Ocean.

A referendum was held in 1974 to identify whether the Gilbert Islands and Elizabeth Islands needed to each have their own administration.

On October 1st, 1978, Tuvalu ended up being totally independent as a sovereign state within the Commonwealth. On September 5, 2000, Tuvalu became the 189th member of the United Nations.

A remote Polynesian island paradise, with a couple of travelers, flashing beaches and wonderful hotels– yes, Tuvalu is the least checked out place on earth, however why?

Tuvalu Island
Photo by Ciprian Andrei Pavel on Pexels.com

Slap bang at the bottom of the South Pacific, you’ll discover Tuvalu, a rather wonderful and fascinating collection of 9 islands that are wedged in between the hula hangouts of Hawaii and Australia. It actually is the meaning of paradise. I suggest, simply take a look at it:

Why do a couple of individuals go to According to an annual report launched by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the island country was the least checked out nation in the world and just waved in a meager 2,000 foreign travelers.

In spite of its wonderful sun-scorched sands, terrific individuals, and incredibly low criminal offense rates. And in all sincerity, the UNWTO is just as puzzled as we are.

Tuvalu Island

While its neighbor Kiribati had more than double the visitors, the very appeal of Tuvalu is the small population, standard regional culture (such as dancing, wood sculpting, and basket weaving), and a lot of architectural marvels.

The majority of the action happens on Funafuti, where you’ll discover the incredibly gorgeous Funafuti Conservation Area, which is home to a few of the most awesome reefs and lagoons on earth– oh, and it’s a perfect area to get your diving video game on.

Regretfully, the UN just recently put the dreamy paradise on their threatened list due to the fact that it might entirely vanish in as little as 100 years, due to increasing water levels.

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Tuvalu Island - Least Visited Place in the World

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