Best Time to Travel to Reunion Island – Best Travel Guide

Best Time to Travel to Reunion Island – Best travel guide, the environment of Reunion is exotic hot and moist, but differs significantly relying on the height and exposure to prevailing winds.

On the island exist two distinctive periods, the warm and humid stormy period, which runs from December to February with ordinary temperature levels varying from 23 ° C to 30 ° C as well as the fresh as well as dry period which runs from May to November with average temperatures ranging in between 25 ° C as well as 18 ° C.


The temperature level drops with raising elevation as well as at high elevations can get to temperatures below freezing. Between January and March, the island may be impacted by cyclones.

The funding Saint-Denis, which is located at the north, gets an average of 1,150 mm of rain a year. The eastern shore, normally cooler, is the wet area of the island with tops that get to 4,000/ 8,000 mm of rain a year.


The west coastline is warm and also completely dry below rainfall reaching worth also lower than 650 mm annually.

The sea water temperature level ranges 23 ° C in August and September and also 27 ° C for the months in between January as well as April.

Rainfall 3.8″ ⛈5.1″ ⛈3.7″ ⛈2.2″ ⛈1.0″ ⛈0.4″ ⛈
Sun Daylight 13.2h ☼12.8h ☼12.2h ☼ 11.6h ☼ 11.1h ☼10.9h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 12.0 🌫12.6 🌫12.2 🌫12.0 🌫12.0 🌫13.0 🌫
Humidity29.7d 💧27.3d 💧29.5d 💧25.9d 💧16.6d 💧6.3d 💧
Temperature H/L85°F 75°F 🌡85°F 75°F 🌡85°F 74°F 🌡83°F 73°F 🌡 81°F 70°F 🌡78°F 67°F 🌡
Rainfall 0.4″ ⛈0.5″ ⛈0.4″ ⛈0.5″ ⛈0.9″ ⛈2.2″ ⛈
Sun Daylight 11.0h ☼11.4h ☼12.0h ☼12.6h ☼ 13.1h ☼ 13.4h ☼
Wind Speed (mph) 13.9 🌫13.6 🌫12.5 🌫 11.7 🌫10.4 🌫10.7 🌫
Humidity3.1d 💧2.7d 💧4.4d 💧 10.4d 💧19.0d 💧27.0d 💧
Temperature H/L77°F 66°F 🌡77°F 66°F 🌡78°F 66°F 🌡80°F 68°F 🌡 82°F 71°F 🌡84°F 73°F 🌡

Best Time to Travel to Reunion Island

The most effective time for a trip to Get-together are the colder and also dry months in between May and November.

Typical temperature levels in Get-together very little. Thinking about moisture, temperature levels feel hot for concerning half of the year and also otherwise nice with a reduced chance of rainfall most of the year.


Why we need to travel x
Why we need to travel

The area is somewhat temperate– in the 51st percentile for pleasant weather condition– contrasted to vacationer destinations worldwide. Weeks with optimal weather condition are detailed above.


If you’re looking for the extremely warmest time to check out Reunion, the best months are February, January, and then December. See ordinary month-to-month temperature levels below.


The warmest season is usually late January where highs are consistently around 87.3 ° F (30.7 ° C) with temperatures seldom going down listed below 76.2 ° F (24.6 ° C) in the evening.

Best Time to Travel to Reunion Island

Average Get-together Temperatures by Month
Daily highs (balanced for the month) normally give the very best indication of the weather. A substantially reduced mean and low generally simply suggests it gets cooler at night.

Precipitation (Rainfall or Snow)
If completely dry climate is what you’re after, the months with the most affordable opportunity of significant rainfall in Get-together are November, October, and then August. Note that we define “considerable precipitation” as.1 inches or more in this area.


The lowest opportunity of rainfall or snow happens around mid to late November. For instance, on the week of November 19th there are no days of rainfall on average. By comparison, it’s most likely to rainfall or snow in very early January with approximately 2 days of significant rainfall the week of January first.

Reunion has some high moisture months, with various other comfortably damp months. The very least damp month is September (58.1% loved one moisture), as well as one of the most moist month is February (68.6%).


Wind in Reunion is usually moderate. The windiest month is August, followed by September and July. August’s ordinary wind speed of around 11.8 knots (13.6 Miles per Hour or 21.8 KPH) is considered “a moderate wind.”


Optimum sustained winds (the greatest speed for the day lasting more than a few minutes) go to their highest in late August to very early September where average top sustained speeds get to 19.5 knots, which is considered a fresh breeze.

Best Time to Travel to Reunion Island

Is it Safe to Traveling to Get-together?
Our best data suggests this area is somewhat secure. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are traveling warnings for France; exercise a high degree of care. Examine this page for any kind of current adjustments or regions to avoid: Travel Guidance and Advisories. This advisory was last updated on Sep 24, 2019.


The Busiest and Least Crowded Months
The busiest month for tourism in Reunion is November, followed by January and March.

Prices for resorts as well as trips will be most expensive throughout these months, though you can conserve if you purchase well in advance.

Visitors are not likely to go to Get-together in June. Those willing to check out at these times will likely discover it the least costly month.

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