Spring Hill Camping Northumberland (All The Details)

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Spring hill camping northumberland, located 10 miles north of Alnwick, Springhill Camping is ideally situated for exploring Northumberland. We have fields suitable for pitching tents, touring caravans and motorhomes, as well as furnished holiday lodges and a self contained cottage.

Our quiet secluded site has its own pond with safe access for fishing and a new play area for children. A warm Welcome awaits you at Springhill Camping!

Camping is a beloved pastime in the UK and most part of the world, regularly drawing couples and families from all walks of life to tent and caravan parks in the great outdoors. So what’s so great about camping anyway?

For one thing, you can pitch up just about anywhere that you please – as long as it’s on private land with the landowner’s permission, of course. It also offers freedom to roam as well as some much-needed peace and quiet.

Which is just what many people are looking for when they take a break from their busy lives. If that sounds like something that might be perfect for you, then why not read on to find out more about camping in Spring hill?

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Spring Hill Camping Northumberland

Spring hill camping northumberland

Spring Hill Camping Northumberland offers a unique camping experience in the heart of Northumberland National Park. Spring Hill Camping Northumberland is situated on the edge of the beautiful Northumberland National Park.

Just off the A69 between Hexham and Bellingham. We are ideally located for exploring the whole of Northumberland and beyond. We offer tent pitches, static caravans and touring pitches.

All there accommodation is located in their field with easy access to the facilities block including hot showers, electric hook up points, laundry room, fridge freezer and washing up area.

They have plenty of space for children to play safely while you relax in front of our real fire or enjoy a game of table tennis or badminton. Our campsite boasts beautiful views over the Tyne Valley with its rolling hills, tranquil riverside walks and friendly pubs.

The site has an onsite shop offering a wide range of groceries, local produce, gifts and souvenirs as well as hot food served daily during peak season. Our launderette offers free use of washing machines and tumble driers while we also sell fuel at competitive prices.

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Weather in Northumberland

MonthsTemperatureRainfallWind SpeedSunshine
January🌡️ 40°F🌧️ 1.7″🌩️ 15.5☀️ 7.8h
February🌡️ 41°F🌧️ 1.4″🌩️ 14.7 ☀️ 9.7h
March🌡️ 45°F🌧️ 1.5″ 🌩️ 13.9☀️ 12.0h
April🌡️ 49°F🌧️ 1.6″🌩️ 11.8☀️ 14.3h
May🌡️ 55°F🌧️ 1.7″ 🌩️ 11.0☀️ 16.3h
June🌡️ 59°F🌧️ 1.9″🌩️ 10.3☀️ 17.4h
July🌡️ 63°F🌧️ 2.2″🌩️ 10.2☀️ 16.7h
August🌡️ 62°F🌧️ 2.5″🌩️ 10.7 ☀️ 14.9h
September🌡️ 58°F 🌧️ 2.1″🌩️ 11.9☀️ 12.6h
October🌡️ 52°F🌧️ 2.5″🌩️ 12.8☀️ 10.4h
November🌡️ 45°F 🌧️ 2.3″🌩️ 13.6☀️ 8.3h
December🌡️ 41°F🌧️ 2.0″🌩️ 14.4☀️ 7.2h
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Map of Northumberland

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  • The campsite of northumberland
  • Accommodation in northumberland
  • Walks and activities in northumberland
  • Food and catering in northumberland
Spring Hill Camping Northumberland

The campsite of northumberland

The campsite of northumberland is a well known destination for tourists coming from all over the world. It is located in northumberland county, which is one of the most popular counties in England. It is a very good place for camping and people come here to enjoy the great weather and have fun.

The campsite of northumberland has many facilities that can be used by visitors. These include swimming pools, tennis courts and many other things that you can use while you are camping there. The site also has many places where you can relax after a day’s work or play.

The campsite has lots of activities for children as well as adults. There are parks with slides and playgrounds where children can play safely without getting hurt or injured in any way.

There are plenty of places for adults to relax as well as for children because there are two parks on the site that have different types of activities suited for each age group so everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about being bored at any point during their visit here!

There are plenty of things to do at this campsite such as: swimming, hiking, picnicking and much more! You will never run out of things to do while visiting this wonderful location so make sure that you make the most of it.

This is one of the best campsites in the UK and it is well worth the money that you pay. You can visit this campsite with your family or friends and there will be plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling crowded.

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There are many different types of accommodation available at this site so if you’re travelling alone or as a couple then you can still enjoy a great trip to Northumberland National Park.

You’ll love spending time at this campsite because there is always something new around every corner.

If you’ve had enough socialising then why not spend some time relaxing in your tent or caravan instead? The park has lots of activities for young people including tree climbing and archery, so there’s no shortage of fun for everyone!

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Spring Hill Camping Northumberland

Accommodation in northumberland

There are many different types of accommodation in northumberland, from holiday cottages to hotels and bed and breakfasts. There are also self catering options which allow you to cook your own meals.

Accommodation at the coast

If you’re looking for a place to stay near the coast, there are plenty of options available. Many people choose to stay in one of the many hotels or guesthouses that are close by.

Others prefer to rent a cottage or bungalow on one of the local beaches, so they can spend their days lazing around and their evenings enjoying the area’s famous nightlife!

The best places to stay in Northumberland

Here are some suggestions for where you might like to stay when visiting Northumberland:

Alnwick Castle – A castle with its own zoo, Alnwick Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northumberland. It’s a wonderful place for kids and adults alike!

You’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny of this magnificent building, learn about its history and even see some live demonstrations from time to time!

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Bamburgh Castle – This castle has stood for over 1,000 years and is a fantastic example of Norman architecture. You can take a tour around the castle grounds, including some impressive battlements and keep.

Alternatively, you can book yourself onto one of their ranger-led tours which will give you an insight into what life would have been like in Northumberland 1,000 years ago!

Lindisfarne Castle – This castle dates back to 635 AD when it was built by King Oswald who was attempting to unite the kingdoms of England & Scotland under one ruler. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens which are open all year round so you can visit whatever time of year suits you best!

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Spring Hill Camping Northumberland

Walks and activities in northumberland

Northumberland is a county in North East England. It has many walks and activities, including the famous Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most popular walks in Britain. It runs for 73 miles across the north of England from Wallsend in Tyneside to Bowness-on-Solway on the Solway Firth.

The wall was built by order of the Emperor Hadrian between AD 122 and 128 as a frontier defence for Rome’s northern provinces against barbarian invasions from Scotland and Ireland.

In places it reaches up to 15ft high and made use of natural defences such as rivers, bogs and marshlands where possible.

The Hadrian’s Wall Visitor Centre at Haltwhistle has history displays, interactive exhibits, an 8-minute film about life on Hadrian’s Wall, maps, walking information and souvenirs available.

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There are two ways to enjoy this walk: either follow the entire length of the wall or follow our recommended route which includes some of the best-preserved sections with good access points along with interesting stops along the way.

Such as Housesteads Fort with its museum full of Roman artefacts (accessible all year round), Birdoswald Roman Fort with its reconstructed bathhouse, Vindolanda and Haltwhistle’s Roman bridge.

Our recommended route starts at Greenhead Park (pictured left) where you can park your car and head towards Greenhead Church. The church has been restored to its original Norman style and there is also an interesting small museum on site.

You can then follow the footpath signposted ‘Roman Wall’ which will take you into the countryside for 1km before arriving at Housesteads Fort.

This fort was originally built by the Romans as a base for their soldiers who were protecting Hadrian’s Wall against attacks from Scotland. It was later used as a farming settlement by the Anglo Saxons before being abandoned in the 8th century AD.

Today it is open all year round and contains some amazing Roman artefacts including frescoes.

Mosaics and sculptures that were discovered when excavations were carried out at this site in 1851-2 by Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, who found evidence of a temple dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus (the best and greatest).

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Spring Hill Camping Northumberland

Food and catering in northumberland

Northumberland is famous for its award-winning beef, lamb, pork and game and there are plenty of restaurants serving authentic traditional Northumbrian dishes. The county is also well known for its cheeses.

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Most of the commercial cheese produced in Northumberland is exported to other parts of the UK or Europe, but some local producers are now making cheese on a small scale to sell locally.

Northumberland has excellent seafood available and many restaurants offer menus that include fish dishes such as smoked haddock and smoked salmon.

The region’s expanding reputation as a destination for fine wines has led to the development of several vineyards within the county boundaries. The food and catering scene in northumberland has a reputation for excellent produce and fine dining.

If you’re looking to host an event or party, then you’ll find that the region’s award-winning venues and caterers will be able to offer everything you need.

Whether it’s a wedding reception or a corporate lunch, you can be sure that the food will be high quality, beautifully presented and delicious. If you’re looking to hire staff, then there are plenty of experienced chefs who can cook up a storm at your venue.

If you’re planning an event in Northumberland and want to know more about catering options, then look no further than our directory of restaurants and caterers in Northumberland.

The Northumberland Catering Association (NACA) is an independent trade association representing the interests of caterers in Northumberland.

The NACA provides professional advice, support and information to its members while actively promoting the benefits of catering within the region. The NACA also offers various courses from basic training to NVQ levels 3 & 4 in conjunction with local colleges and training centres.

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Spring Hill Camping Northumberland


There is a great deal of peace and tranquillity on offer at Spring Hill Camping Northumberland. It’s a very safe place to bring your family on holiday and you’ll feel calm in the knowledge that you’re in good hands with their experienced team.

The attention to detail is excellent and there is no denying that the site owners have done an impressive job of creating a resort which caters for all visitors, whatever age group they may be.

Situated on the banks of Staple Lake, Spring Hill Camping Northumberland has been providing high quality camping holidays in Northumberland since 1987. With a dedicated team of staff and the comforts of home in every tent, the park offers the best base for touring this diverse landscape.

At Spring Hill Camping, they offer a range of wonderful holiday accommodation including adults only, family and dog friendly sites, some with stunning views of the Northumberland coastline.

Our Camping and Caravanning Park is situated on the edge of the Northumberland National Park which gives our guests access to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery.

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