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Silent valley national park, background silent Valley is considered among the most environmentally diverse areas on earth.

In the 1950s, the Kerala State Electricity Board wished to construct a dam across the Kunti River, which moved in the deep woodland.

Nationwide objections in India by conservationists and mass publicity by the media led the after that head of state.

 Indira Gandhi to order the state federal government to eliminate the hydroelectric project. The location was proclaimed a National Park.

The park is really named Indira Gandhi National Park, and also Silent Valley is the name of the area, yet it is also called Silent Valley National Park. It is a remarkable location to visit for vacationers.

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Tropical evergreen woodland. Substantial trees, thick understory. Hefty rains during the gales. Shola grasslands higher.

Plants and fauna.
Lion trailed macaque, elephant, leopard, tiger, nilgiri thar, Malabar large squirrel. Range of various other huge creatures including deer, gaur etc.

Big populace of birds like hornbills, malabar whistling thrush etc. The place is teeming with the more “typical” birds like drongos, tail or birds, identified dove, koels etc.

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Moist during the rainfalls (June, July, August), or else normally warm as well as exotic. The closest train station is Palghat Junction (Palakkad). From Palakkad, go to Mannarkkad, and also from there to Mukkali.

Both locations are well linked by exclusive buses. If you are preparing to stay at Mukkali, get spaces in advance at the Forest dept rest house.

Otherwise you can remain at Mannarkkad as well as employ a jeep to get to Mukkali by 8AM. Mukkali has to do with 60 km from Palakkad, with Mannarkkad en route.

Why we need to travel x
Why we need to travel

The browse through to the Valley and Kunti River will take only a day, as well as you can return back to Palakkad the same night.

One more close railway station is Coimbatore Junction. From Coimbatore, take the roadway to Anakatty (around 30 kilometres) from Coimbatore and from Ankatty to Agali (15 km) and after that Mukkali (20 kilometres).

The overall distance using the Coimbatore path is just around 65kms. It’s nearly a straight road drive from Coimbatore to Mukkali. The picturesque street maintains one mesmerized all through.

Authorization is called for from the Kerala Woodland Division. For a short someday journey (generally taken by vacationers), permission can be acquired right away at the Woodland Division workplace at Mukkali.

This trip includes a short trek of about 2-3 kilometres to the hanging bridge at the Kunti River.

The entry point of the road to the park is Mukkali. From Mukkali, it takes a 30 km jeep flight to enter the real entry point of the park. Jeeps can be worked with from Mukkali.

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It is tough for automobiles to pass through, so do not try to drive unless you are daring and have an SUV and excellent skill on hill roadways.

Tourists are not allowed to remain in the valley. They have to come back to Mukkali by night.

Entry right into the valley is allowed just from 8AM to 2PM, as you need regarding one and a half hrs. (Each way) to go to the Valley and also come back.

The Woodland Division deliberately does not allow going to the valley early in the early morning to decrease disruption to the pets. Travelers will not be enabled to stay camp overnight at the valley.

You will not be enabled to continue without an overview. An overview will be assigned to your team when you obtain consent from the Mukkali Woodland Dept Workplace.

If you are just a casual visitor, then this is great, yet major biologists will certainly need to speak to the Wild animals Warden much earlier and obtain adequate authorization.

Travelling in deep woodland (for a couple of days) calls for authorization from the Forest Department office in Trivandrum, and also is challenging to obtain.

Anyhow, it is practically impossible to get consent to go anywhere near the core of the national forest, unless you are a field researcher or something like that.

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For Indian residents, fees are not extremely high. Around, they are (in May 2010):
Vehicle (Jeep) rent from Mukkali to the Valley: Rs 650/-.
Overview charges: Rs 150/-.
Entry fee: Rs 50/- per head.
Automobile entry charge: Rs 250/- per jeep.
Video cameras (still video camera): Rs 50/- per camera.
Get around.
Jeeps for hire from Mukkali (nearby factor) or Mannarkkad (nearby town).

What you will see
Delight in the thick forest, see the birds, you are fortunate if you see the big creatures (on the brief expedition). Mainly you will see the Malabar Titan Squirrel, black langurs and also naturally numerous sort of birds. Trip to the Kunti River.

There is likewise a watch tower forgetting the forest. The back of the Inspection Cottage at Mukkali is a great location for bird enjoying.

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What to do
Wash in the Bhawani River at Mukkali.

What to buy
You can buy lots of all-natural products in the woodland department’s very own store, consisting of pure original wild honey etc. The rates are small.

What to eat
You have sairandri restaurant at tree top resort, chindakki near quiet valley. You have a delicious food from there. As well as you have some tiny restaurants at mukkali.

Water to drink
Bottled water is readily available at Mukkali.

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Outdoor camping
Travelers are not allowed to stay overnight at the Valley; they have to return back to Mukkali by evening. So camping in the forest is tough.

Mukkali is also largely forested; you might ask consent from the Woodland department office if you desire to camp in Mukkali. No guarantees.

Stay risk-free
No much problems. Watch out for leeches in the forest. Carry common salt from Mukkali to remove leeches from your legs. Also Mukkali is a remote area, so deal with on your own, avoid being flashy in any term. Regarding the forest goes, its safe, unless you don’t follow the forest rules.

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Heading out
Come back to Palakkad to get a train/bus to all parts of India. Closest airport terminal is Coimbatore, about 120 km away from Silent Valley.

To find back to Palakkad from mukkali, there are just a couple of buses at the check article near mukkali. Look for exact timings with locals, if you don’t want to be stranded for the following bus which would seek a couple of hrs.

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