Fastest Growing Cities in Florida | You Probably Don’t Know

Fastest Growing Cities in Florida, let’s see the fast growing cities of Florida in united state, this is one of the most frequent ask question, this article will explain all you need to know in details.

McCalla–1745 people in 2012, growing a whopping 88% since 2000

Tampa–1,678 people in 2012, growing 47% since 2000

Live: Park Vista – FL, 4469 population – growing 40% since 2000

Longwood–5337 people in 2012, growing 25% since 2000

Leisurely retirement? Wootten–23,414 population–growing 19% since 2000

Florence–6,704 people in 2012, growing 5% since 2000

Statewide growth since 2000:

Top 3 fastest growing cities, FL

Broward County – 40%, growing 34% since 2000

Hernando County – 39%, growing 30% since 2000

Lowndes County – 35%, growing 27% since 2000

Fastest Growing Cities in Florida | You Probably Don't Know

Flavorwire has had numerous emails forwarded to me about libraries and libraries taking over cities and changing the landscape. You can read a recent Huffington Post article on libraries taking over cities. Check out the trend of libraries closing their doors in south Florida. Restaurants and shops are moving in.

As for east of Florida, one reader wrote to me that “all the books are moving out to south florida. South florida is taking over all of the books and other educational items. The high school science curriculum is not necessarily compatible with colleges and universities.”

Once in a while you read a story that drives you up the wall. I got a mailer from Florida City about growing, growing, growing, as if it’s all some delusional competition between Miami and South Florida. Now as you read the mailer, south Florida seems like the next destination for everyone.

As far as growing, where is south florida growing? What kind of growth is being celebrated in south

Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

florida? Is anyone there growing? Do people in South Florida need growth to survive or do they have to compete with north florida for residents? What’s happening in South Florida to promote growth?

Where is that growth coming from and is it for real? I don’t know but the slow growth we are experiencing and the local economies on the verge of stagnation could be a factor for some. If you’re wondering how local and state government could encourage growth, look to south florida where they are encouraging a growth to have more growth.

According to “As Florida City gets ready to pass a brand new growth initiative, they can’t even find enough housing for their own people. City officials have agreed to amend their plans and add 450 more houses to their single family housing district.

These new homes are supposed to relieve pressure on neighboring cities, but the problem is that the mayor says she doesn’t have anywhere to put them.”

Whether it’s because there is not enough housing or we’re growing more slowly than florida or south florida, it’s only a matter of time before we reach a tipping point. Cities and towns are beginning to decide whether they are going to let growth take over their future.

If you’re wondering how local government can help slow down the growth and take control of their destiny, check out the following articles:

I guess it’s about time for cities to keep their own growth in control. Some cities are already working on different plans and ideas. See what happens to other places if they begin to take on more growth.

Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

Keep your eyes on Tampa, FL. Even though they have over 50 libraries, I’m not sure how many new residents are attracted to the city.

Is a city growing faster than other cities or is it growing slower? Do people need to be stimulated with a growth in growth to grow faster? What about a growth that’s slow?

Has a growth in population changed local growth? What’s your experience with growth and do you prefer to grow slower or faster?

It’s fun to get a sneak peek at the future but would you like to be able to build your own future? The Sunshine State offers many opportunities to develop your personal growth.

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