Christmas Island Travel Guide | 8 Travel Facts

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Christmas island travel guide, christmas island is popular for excess of crabs on the island, should we then called it Crab Island? Christmas island is in the Indian Ocean, about 224 miles (360 km) south of the island of Java and 870 miles (1,400 km) northwest of Australia, that is administered as an external territory of Australia.

The island is the top of an oceanic mountain whose highest point on the island is Murray Hill, rising to 1,184 feet (361 meters) in the western part of the island. The primary settlement and chief port is at Flying Fish Cove on the northeastern part of the island.

First sighted in 1615 by Richard Rowe, master of the Thomas, the island was called on Christmas Day 1643 by Captain William Mynors of the British East India Business.

In 1887 specimens of soil and rock were gathered by the guys of HMS Egeria; the British naturalist, John Murray evaluated the specimens and discovered that they were nearly pure phosphate of lime.

In 1888 the island was annexed by Great Britain, and the first settlement was established at Flying Fish Cove by George Clunies-Ross of Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

A 99-year lease, approved in 1891 to Clunies-Ross and Murray, to mine phosphate and cut wood was transferred six years later on to the Christmas Island Phosphate Company, Ltd., which was mostly owned by the former lessees.

In 1900 Christmas Island was incorporated in the British crown nest of the Straits Settlements with its capital at Singapore.

During The Second World War the island was inhabited by the Japanese. In 1948 the federal governments of New Zealand and Australia got the interests and properties of the Christmas Island Phosphate Business.

And the British Phosphate Commission handled operations for both federal governments. In 1958 the island became an Australian area.

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Christmas island travel guide

Christmas Island Travel Guide

The central plateau of Christmas Island descends in a rotating series of slopes and terraces to abrupt cliffs over 65 feet (20 metres) high along much of the coastline. There are likewise sand and coral beaches along the coast. Belongings deposits of phosphate happen on the island.

There is a tropical rainy season in between December and April and little seasonal variation in the typical temperature of 81 ° F (27 ° C). Typical yearly rains is 113 inches (2,670 mm).

Tropical rain forest covers most of Christmas Island, and animals consists of large numbers of seabirds, little reptiles, land crabs, and pests. Springs and wells supply fresh water for the island’s homeowners. Much of the western tip of the island is a national forest.

The population consists of numerous ethnic Chinese, a small number of European ancestry, and Malay labourers recruited primarily from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

The majority of the island’s locals traditionally have been staff members of the business that mines phosphates (until 1987 owned by the Australian government and since 1990 privately operated).

The territory’s economy was long based practically entirely on the mining and extraction of phosphate there for shipment to Australia and New Zealand, but this began to alter in the early 1990s.

With the recoverable reserves of phosphate almost tired, efforts were turned towards developing tourist. Small-scale subsistence cropping and fishing are practiced, however most food is imported.

The Australian governor-general designates an administrator of Christmas Island. The administrator has a personnel for secretariat, education, postal, authorities, radio, and harbour tasks.

An in your area chosen assembly provides political representation for the islanders. Almost all of the island’s residents are Australian residents or residents under the statutes of the Christmas Island Act and the Citizenship Act.

In 1994 an informal referendum, responding in part to Australian strategies to abolish the island’s duty-free status, declined secession but supported strengthened regional controls.

A little medical facility on the island attends to medical and dental care. Main and secondary education is based on an Australian curriculum.

The island has an airfield utilized for weekly charter flights, roadways, and a train for transferring phosphate from the southern plateau to the port on Flying Fish Cove.

In the early 21st century Christmas Island was the site of one of Australia’s controversial Pacific Island detention centres for the offshore processing of Australia-bound asylum seekers.

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Christmas Island Travel Guide

Location 52 square miles (135 square km). Population Area of Christmas Island, statistical local area, (2016) 1,843.

There are a couple of immediate concerns that enter your mind when one learns about Christmas Island for the very first time. For beginners, where is it?

The small island, which is barely a speck on the world map, sits approximately 250 miles south off the coast of Central Java, and a whopping 1,650 miles from Perth, the nearest western Australian city. Technically, it’s a territory of Australia, but you’d never ever know from its location.

Stuck way out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is basically simply the above-water tip of an ancient mountain. And a remarkable pointer at that.

Roughly 50 miles in area, the island is ringed by 60-foot cliffs, broken periodically by little beaches, coves, and attracting limestone grottos. Despite the frequented beach locations, you may want to avoid swimming out too far:

simply a couple of hundred feet from the coast, the flooring of the Indian Ocean drops 3 miles clean to the bottom. Simply the thought of treading over that much water makes our stomach turn.

That said, the remote island, with its limestone caverns and rich wildlife, is entirely suitable for tourists. Read on to learn how to prepare the ideal getaway to Christmas Island.

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Christmas Island Travel Guide
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What to Know Prior to You Go

To get to Christmas Island, you’ll require to fly in from Perth or Fiji. (Virgin Australia runs flights twice a week from the previous and Fiji Airways as soon as a week from the latter.).

Thankfully, if you’re flying in from either of those places, no visa is needed to get in Christmas Island. With only 2,000 irreversible residents on the island, facilities are somewhat minimal (hotel-wise, the Captain’s Last Resort gets great evaluations).

A little selection of shops and dining establishments are provided, but then again, nobody truly comes here to store. The most crucial thing is to secure a rental vehicle, since that’s the primary methods of transportation around the island. Four-wheel drive cars can be had for around $60 each day.

Christmas Island Travel Guide
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Head Straight for the Jungle

With its warm temperature levels and high rainfall, Christmas Island is extremely conducive to fostering all sorts of wildlife.

Nearly two-thirds of the island is designated as national park land, featuring well-marked tracks that are extremely popular with bird-watchers.

No matter where you wind up in the jungle, you won’t be short on sightseeing spots. Hugh’s Dale waterfall is a stunner, and can only be reached by hiking through the rain forest.

Like something out of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, along the way you’ll pass Tahitian chestnut trees with hulking uphold roots. You’ll have to watch where you step, as the flooring is littered with small red crabs (this is their home, after all).

When you come to the falls, proceed and shower under the crashing water– not just is it tidy sufficient to consume, it’s held spiritual by regional Buddhists, who think it’s the center of the island’s “water universe.

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Christmas Island Travel Guide

Swim with Whale Sharks

Many people come for the beaches. Considering that the island is so small and has stayed in its natural state for so long, all kinds of colorful fish can be found swimming around the island’s narrow tropical reef.

On a common dive with Wet ‘N Dry Adventures, you might find yourself swimming with the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark, which visits Christmas Island from November to April.

You’ll likely also experience all sorts of marine life: dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and over 88 types of coral. According to the owners at Wet ‘N Dry, 64 diving sites have been discovered on the island.

The Story Behind the Name

Christmas Island got its name from Captain William Mynors, an English seafarer who came across this unidentified blip of arrive at Christmas Day in 1643, though it wasn’t until the late 1800s that the island was appropriately surveyed.

Today, much of the island’s Chinese and Malay populations are descended from imported labor, who were brought here in the 19th and 20th centuries to work the local phosphate mines.

Christmas Island Travel Guide

It Ought To Really Be Called Crab Island
Not just does Christmas Island boast the greatest diversity– and density– of land crabs of any island worldwide, it’s also house to a shocking natural phenomenon.

Each October, right after the start of the wet season, 120 million red crabs start their sideways tiptoeing journey from the depths of the forest out to sea.

As a result, huge systems of the island appear to come alive with bright red, roving, shell-covered bodies. The large volume of crabs makes this a must-see event (particular roads are even closed down to enable safe passage for the crabs), and lots of refer to it as one of the world’s natural wonders.

Christmas Island is well known for gain access to of crabs on the island, should we then called it Crab Island? Christmas island is in the Indian Ocean, about 224 miles (360 km) south of the island of Java and 870 miles (1,400 km) northwest of Australia, that is administered as an external area of Australia.

The island is the top of an oceanic mountain whose greatest point on the island is Murray Hill, increasing to 1,184 feet (361 metres) in the western part of the island.

Nearly all of the island’s residents are Australian residents or homeowners under the statutes of the Christmas Island Act and the Citizenship Act.

In the early 21st century Christmas Island was the site of one of Australia’s questionable Pacific Island detention centres for the offshore processing of Australia-bound asylum candidates.

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Christmas Island Travel Guide | 8 Travel Facts

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