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Cheapest country to visit, read about Cuba, Ecuador, and Bolivia and discover what to do and see if you want to travel there right now.

There are amazing things to do and see when visiting Cuba

Everywhere you look in Cuba, the sights are fascinating and will leave you breathless. Whether you are travelling to Cuba as a tourist or a local, chances are you will see something amazing in this stunning country.

Imagine meeting a Cuban lady on a crowded bus in Havana or Havana in an overcrowded train full of loud, singing, dancing people. You will likely feel like a country tour guide at that point!

Cheapest country to visit

Cheapest Country to Visit, Read about Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia and discover what to do and see if you want to travel there right now.

Havana will blow your mind. You will likely not get bored at all with everything that you do there. It’s a city full of pastels, elegant, romantic structures, fresh, tangy foods, countless famous pubs, and plenty of quaint squares where you can catch the rhythm of the city.

And Cuba is so inexpensive! You can visit most of the country, save money, eat in good restaurants, and see the most stunning sights there without spending a lot of money.

I’m heading to Cuba soon! How about you?

Do you know of some cheap destinations for a holiday in a tropical country? Or are you ready to visit one of the best places to go now in the Caribbean, South America or Asia?

Read more about what I’m planning to do in Cuba.

Cheapest country to visit? Choose:

Cuba Ecuador Bolivia Peru Brazil Argentina Costa Rica Costa Rica Panama Thailand Mexico

Please consider reading this post if you are planning to go to Cuba right now.

*NOTE – All prices are provided for traveling by airplane from New York. Prices are likely to be much higher if you fly from your home country to Havana.

Aida Cantabria’s Top 10 Cheap Caribbean Destinations

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Cheapest Country to Visit | Complete Affordable Listed

1. Bonaire – Caribbean island with no tourists. For less than $250 you can stay in a 3-star hotel and enjoy the cheapest drinks, meals and most excellent view of the city from your balcony.

2. Panama – One of the best Caribbean countries for the budget traveller. I often travel by bus from Cancun to Panama City. The journey takes approximately 10 hours with transfers. You can visit Panama City and do a day tour.

3. Rio Frio – Beautiful Caribbean island with no beach. You can do a day trip with a tour. Alternatively you can take a bus from La Cruz to Rio Frio and stay for a day to see the stunning jungle, beaches, museums and rainforest.

4. Puerto Vallarta – Just 3 hours from the US. You can enjoy the cheapest drinks, meals and some of the best food on the planet in this amazing tropical city.

5. Luanda – One of the cheapest Caribbean countries for travelling with no stress about travelling to see tourist attractions.

6. Santa Marta – Just 1 hour from Colombia. You can enjoy everything that the city has to offer, just stay one night in a decent hotel.

7. Colombia – One of the most expensive Caribbean countries. Stay only 2 nights to save some money and see the most beautiful sights in this stunning country.

8. Porto Santo – One of the cheapest Caribbean countries to visit in the Caribbean. You can also visit the beach for 3 nights.

9. Cape Verde – One of the cheapest Caribbean countries for visiting the most amazing beaches.

10. Havana – The cheapest country in the Caribbean if you want to visit Cuba.

Do you know about other cheap destinations in the Caribbean and South America? Please share with me in the comments.

Are you going to Cuba soon? What else should I know about this incredible country?

Cheapest Country to Visit
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Cheapest Country to Visit in South America
Cuba is the cheapest country in South America and it’s a great place to travel. You can visit Havana for a few days and see a number of beautiful sights.

The cheapest country to visit in the South Pacific?
According to, the cheapest country to visit in South America and the South Pacific is the tiny, tropical country of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is a beautiful island off the coast of Africa. You can visit this part of the world by boat. So, if you want to travel to Cape Verde, you need to have a place to return. Check out Cape Verde in the next article.

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Cheapest Country to Visit | Complete Affordable Listed

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