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When it comes to traveling, there are many things to take into consideration such as airfare, lodging costs, and destination expenses. When thinking about the cost, one of the first places that you should consider visiting is Asia.

The continent of Asia includes over 50 countries and spread all over the world. I would like to discuss some of the cheapest countries in Asia that can serve as a great starting point for your travel adventures in Asia.

Taking a holiday or travel to the far east is an exciting prospect for many people. The largest continent in the world offers a never-ending array of opportunities for those who are willing to give it a go! Unfortunately, travelling is not cheap and it is worth squeezing every drop of juice from your trip before you get there.

This can be done by taking advantage of the low prices offered by cheap countries in Asia on everything from hostels to diving lessons!

If you are on a budget, visiting places in Asia should be high on your list of priorities. Considering the lax requirements for a tourist visa plus the cheap air tickets, this continent will cost you much less than any other continent in the world.

In the following article, I will mention the cheapest countries in Asia, although they may vary slightly according to the time of year.

The most important thing to do is consider which countries you wish to visit and estimate how much money you can afford. Use my resources as a starting point since I have facts that are presented as an objective reference point on various topics when your decision has been made.

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Cheapest countries in Asia

Cheapest countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

1. India

Invite to the land of the magnificent Taj Mahal! From its excellent beaches in the south to the Mountain ranges in the north and the archaeological sites in the center, India is a world in its own right and a fascinating nation to find at a low budget making it the cheapest Asian country to check out.

Fortunately it is also among the low-cost locations in Asia, particularly the northern half of the country.

The south is more touristic and slightly pricier, it likewise remains really budget-friendly. The expense of living is so low that you can totally enjoy your journey without the regret of costs too much.

Transportation (rickshaw, taxis, buses, or trains) are exceptionally low-cost. For example, a 20-hour train ride will cost you less than $9. To reserve all your transport in India, I advise booking with 12go. Asia, from bus tickets, train tickets, to ferries.

Don’t be afraid to try street food as there is no much better method to eat inexpensively like this. Veg-thali is less than $2, a glass of fresh fruit juice costs just a few cents and traditional restaurants are about $4- $7.

Lodging in India is likewise inexpensive with a night in a dorm room varying between $2 and $5.
If you were questioning whether it’s possible to live on less $15 a day, then India is one of the cheap Asian countries to visit to experience simply that.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

2. Cambodia

Due to its main position, Cambodia is the ideal location to start your trip in Asia.
It is not only one of the best locations to visit in Asia however likewise one of the most inexpensive places to backpack! No wonder Siem Reap is called the “backpacker’s world capital”.

The nation, among the cheap travel locations in Asia, is most understood for its popular Angkor Temples however it really has far more to provide!

From taking a bike flight through the rice fields to relaxing on the white sand beaches of the Koh Rong Islands, there is a lot to do for all sort of tourists.

Indubitably more affordable than its next-door neighbor Thailand, everything here is at an extremely low price. You will discover superb hostels and guest houses for just $3 a night.

And if you’re not a fan of street food, a lot more traditional restaurants are affordable choosing less than $5. And while you’re there, make sure to try the scrumptious local food like the Amok, a fish prepared in banana entrusts coconut cream!

Public transport specifically buses and tuk-yuk are also extremely cheap and practical. I highly recommend getting the 3 days pass to totally check out the location which costs around $60.

It may seem a bit expensive however I ensure that you will not regret it! All in all, Cambodia is one of the cheap Asian countries to check out that will not rob you of your arm or leg. Cambodia’s daily spending plan: in between $10 and $20.

Cheapest countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

3. Laos

Due to the lack of a coastline, Laos is frequently neglected however that’s a big mistake! This little and authentic country has a lot to provide. Both untamed and welcoming, life in Laos is somewhat more expensive than in Cambodia specifically in touristy cities like Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

If you’re not too “greedy” and get off the beaten track you’ll get away with it for a cheap price. Bus flights cost around $1 per hour and the timeless fried rice that you can discover everywhere costs roughly $2. There’s no reason not to enjoy it!

A three-course meal in a dining establishment is roughly $10 and personal rooms can be found at $20.

Laos likewise provides a chance to do outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, ziplining, and hot air ballooning at unquestionably affordable prices making it one of the cheap locations to travel in Asia. Laos’ everyday budget plan: between $10 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

4. Vietnam

Halong Bay, a World Heritage site, and its lots of islands covered with a tropical forest is most likely among the most gorgeous locations in the world. Still safeguarded from mass tourist, Vietnam is perfectly adjusted to world travelers.

15 dollars a day will be more than enough to take a trip, consume, sleep, and find this nation which has actually handled to preserve its cultural heritage perfectly.

A pint of Bia Hoi, the most inexpensive beer on the planet only cost a couple of lots of cents, a meal will cost you less than $4 and you can quickly discover personal spaces for under $10.

Renting a motorbike, which I extremely advise to genuinely explore the country, expenses around $13 each day.

So whether it’s biking through the country or outdoor camping in the third world’s biggest cavern of Hang En, Vietnam will definitely provide you some of the very best inexpensive vacations in Asia. Vietnam’s day-to-day spending plan: in between $10 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

5. Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a land of contrast and variation. From forests, volcanoes, beaches to wildlife, Indonesia has so much to provide if you want to go off the beaten tracks.

Each island is various when it concerns food, language, faith, and culture.
Versatile, it is difficult to establish a spending plan for the food, accommodation, or transport as the cost of living differs from one area to another!

Pail list destination Bali or Jakarta can be very pricey but once you avoid the most touristic areas, costs become lower.

As a rule of thumb, street food is the way to go to consume inexpensively (between $3 and $5). You will also be able to find dormitories for $5 and personal spaces starting at $15.

Even though the everyday spending plan immensely differs from island to Island, Indonesia is still one of the low-cost countries to go to in Asia. Indonesia’s day-to-day budget: between $15 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

6. Myanmar (Burma)

You better hurry and go! At first inaccessible, the country has actually been gradually opening to tourists given that the end of the dictatorship in 2011.

Still budget-friendly, prices are rising from year to year and rumor has it that the federal government wishes to make the country a high-end destination!

Nothing extremely unexpected as the nation has many wonders to provide. The ancient city of Bagan, a UNESCO world heritage site, is alone a factor to visit Myanmar.

Despite the fact that the costs are skyrocketing, it is still possible to find cheap food. The train is very budget-friendly but the buses are a bit more costly compared to other Asian nations however the comfort they supply makes up for it.

The main costs in Myanmar will be on lodging as it is often difficult to find dormitories yet private rooms go for about $20 to $25.

Pro idea * Lower the expenses by meeting other travelers and sharing private rooms– a pointer that will make your stay in Burma one of the cheapest holiday locations in Asia.
Myanmar’s everyday budget: between $20 and $35.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

7. The Philippines

Palms trees, lovely beaches, terrific diving areas, and unforgettable sunsets make the Philippines the ideal nation to indulge yourself and have a pleasant time while still traveling on a spending plan.

Although checking out the nation will cost you slightly more than the others discussed above (specifically because you will probably be utilizing domestic flights), it is quite possible to keep a sensible budget if you avoid large cities.

A night in a dormitory will cost in between $10 and $15. The boat uses an excellent option to the plane given that it opts for a little under $10 but also very sluggish.

As always, street food is cheap (between $3 and $7). Because beer is around $1, a criterion that is utilized by lots of travelers to determine whether a country is cheap to take a trip to or not, then The Philippines qualify to be on this list of the most affordable nations in South East Asia.
The Philippines’ daily budget: in between $25 and $35.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

8. Thailand

With a country teeming with beauty, you’ll be amazed to know that its among the least expensive countries to visit in Asia. With everything well-arranged compared to other low-cost locations in Asia, Thailand is a simple country to take a trip in by all sort of travelers – no surprise it has actually become a popular location for backpackers.

From the chaotic city of Bangkok, the underlying appeal of Chiang Mai, to extremely gorgeous beaches in Phuket, Thailand is a must-visit place if you’re looking for the most inexpensive country to travel in Asia without compromising on charm.

Though some resorts are a bit more expensive than others, the very best way to remain on a budget is to stick to the wide range of street food, sleep in hostels, and utilize mass transit.

Sleeping in a private room at a hostel will cost you around $8 however can go as low as $5 if you opt for a shared dorm room. You can anticipate to invest $3 on street food and around $5 on transport with in the city daily.

Considering that Thailand has a number of activities to do, you can anticipate to spend a bit greater, and $10 would be a good average for a day.

With an average spending plan of $30 daily, Thailand genuinely qualifies to be one of the most inexpensive locations to go to in Asia. Thailand’s day-to-day budget: in between $25 and $30.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

9. Nepal

Home to the highest mountains worldwide, Nepal has actually become a perfect hiking location for many hikers. And since its one of the inexpensive nations in Asia, the variety of backpackers keeps increasing every once in a while.

From the remarkable views from a flight over Mount Everest, amazing hikes to the Mountain ranges, to the stunning views of rice terraces, there are so many things to do in Nepal.

Despite the fact that the flight over Mt. Everest is pricey, (which you can skip if your budget plan doesn’t allow or make it that splurge moment), the basic cost of living is low making it the cheapest country in Asia.

One pointer to save cash in Nepal is to keep away from organized directed treking journeys since the nation is mostly about hiking.

If you can do it on your own or with other travelers, that would be great. To offer you a break down of some expenses in Nepal, budget for $5 for a dormitory and a little more for a guest house private room.

Food is quite low-cost which need to set you behind by just $2 and anticipate to invest around $4 on a bus of 5 hours however transportation within one area can be around $1.5.

Since the country is majorly about trekking, trekking is the most costly activity with a lot of trekking permits going for around $20.

Not every day will be a hiking day, so you’ll conserve money on those days you will not go hiking thus bringing down your general budget plan. Nepal’s daily spending plan: between $20 and $30.

Cheapest countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is extremely one of the low-cost nations to take a trip in Asia despite the enormous charm that lies in the little gem. Not so little though, Sri Lanka has actually become a popular location amongst tourists particularly backpackers due to its unbelievably low cost of living.

This Asian Island boasts over 8 Unesco World Heritage websites, amazing wildlife, fantastic white sand beaches, and unbelievable landscapes that are picture-perfect.

From unbelievable landmarks like Sigiriya, Adam’s Peak, and Ella, you ‘d believe that you need a great deal of money to enjoy Sri Lanka. With a typical spending plan of $20 a day, you can expect to enjoy Sri Lanka to the maximum.

Food in Sri Lanka is actually low-cost, so you can anticipate to invest like $2 on a meal, $7 on lodging, $8 on activities, and $2 on transportation.

With that low cost of living, it’s undoubtedly real that Sri Lanka is among the cheapest countries to visit in Asia. Sri Lanka’s daily budget plan: between $20 and $30.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

11. Malaysia

Malaysia is a top holiday spot and among the most affordable nations in Southeast Asia to go to. Its strong economy and upscale locations like Kuala Lumpur have people believing it’s an expensive country but that’s not the case.

Famous for its beautiful beaches, bewitching islands, modern-day shopping malls, remarkable national forests, theme parks, incredible landmarks, fishing towns, and treking spots, there are numerous things for every type of tourist to delight in.

For backpackers, peninsular Malaysia is method cheaper than Malaysia Borneo, but the overall cost of travel is fairly less expensive than the neighboring nation, Thailand. A typical price of $25 per day is more than enough for your food, transport, and lodging.

A hostel room in Malaysia will cost you about $6 per night, fish curry for $1.45, and street stall food is less than a dollar but a “correct” meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $3.

Public transportation is likewise cheaper, ranging from $0.19– $1.90 however utilizing a cashless TNG card (a contactless payment card accepted throughout all Malaysian public transportation) is even way cheaper. Nevertheless, the price of alcohol is a bit high in Malaysia, with a regional beer opting for $4.

If you want to have a little bit of whatever from city life to national parks, Malaysia is one of the inexpensive nations in Asia that uses all that at under $25 a day.
Malaysia’s average day-to-day budget plan: Between $20 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

12. Pakistan

Being the third cheapest country in the world, it’s not a surprise that Pakistan is on this list of the most affordable countries in Asia. Though numerous tourists have actually neglected it as a tourist destination because of its years of political instability, the country has improved its political and security stability, and tourists can visit it with no concerns.

Understood for its lots of rugged snow-capped mountains with 108 peaks above 7000 meters, stunning valleys, beautiful beaches, and busy cities, Pakistan has a lot to offer for a budget traveler.

Inexpensive accommodation is offered for backpackers, like a hostel in Lahore will cost you $5. A taxi ride will cost you about $4.59, and public transportation is even way more affordable.

Meals for the entire day can cost you $8, which can be cheaper if you attempt street foods. Tickets to attractions, museums, and other sightseeing can cost $3.46, and alcohols opt for $2.30.

With an average everyday budget plan of $29, Pakistan is undoubtedly among the most affordable locations to travel in Asia. Pakistan’s daily budget: Between $25 and $30.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

13. Turkey

Famously understood for its strategic positioning between Asia and Europe, Turkey is brimming with culture, history, and tremendous appeal that it’s even tough to imagine it as an inexpensive nation in Asia.

Istanbul city divides the two continents, and you can get from Asia to Europe in less than an hour! Its geographical area not just makes it a cheap destination in Asia but also in Europe since it’s easily available by either train, flight, and sea.

With its striking seaside locations, incredible beaches, gorgeous landscape, and bustling cities, there are a lot of things to do in Turkey that all type of travelers will take pleasure in.

With a tight budget plan, Eastern Turkey will be more beneficial as the cost of living is lower than in Western Turkey.

A typical daily cost of $35 suffices to get you lodging for $12, meals for $7, and transport setting you back as low as $2 within the exact same city or $7 to various cities.

Turkey’s street food is the method to go if you are on a tight budget- it’s quite delicious too. Sandwiches, desserts, and treats are all less than $3. Lunch can range from $5- $8 depending on what you take. And don’t forget to taste the popular Turkish tea.

Overnight buses will conserve you money during intercity travel, and did you understand that you can negotiate the bus ticket price and hotel costs? Yes, so bring your bargaining powers with you!

So if you have constantly wanted to take pleasure in the mishmash of history and modernity that Turkey provides but were afraid of the budget plan, now you know that you can actually manage it since it’s one of the most affordable countries to check out in Asia. Turkey’s day-to-day spending plan: In between $25 and $30.

Cheapest Countries in Asia

14. Kazakhstan

With an average expense of $10 a day per person, Kazakhstan is one of the cheap Asian nations to visit. Found in main Asia, the country is the 9th biggest worldwide and has 5 climatic zones and two time zones.

It is the world’s biggest landlocked country and popular for its geographical variety. Its smooth desserts, magnificent canyons, hills, deltas, plains, enormous glaciers, UNESCO world heritage sites, dazzling towers, and futuristic high-rise buildings attract travelers across the globe. The nation is likewise popular for bird watching.

Everything here is cheap, beginning with accommodation which you can get for as low as $2.86. Food is likewise cost effective, and the most economical ways of transport is by bus.

If you’re a backpacker looking for inexpensive countries to go to in Asia, then Kazakhstan needs to top your Asian container list. Kazakhstan’s typical day-to-day budget plan: In between $8 and $12.

Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

15. Bangladesh

Bangladesh might not be the most popular tourist destination but its low cost of travel is starting to alter backpackers’ minds.

Understood for harboring the biggest mangrove swamp and the world’s longest beach, Bangladesh is an inexpensive Asian nation that nature lovers, beach enthusiasts, and cultural lovers will discover interesting.

Getting around Bangladesh is cheap! An Uber can cost about $3 but using public transportation like buses is even less expensive.

You’ll discover street food on practically every corner for around $1 while a full course meal at a local dining establishment will cost less than $5.

Accommodation is also extremely inexpensive and the exact same goes for going to destinations.

With an everyday budget of $23, you can discover a location to sleep, consume and explore Bangladesh making it one of the least expensive places to check out in Asia. Bangladesh’s typical everyday budget: In between $18 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

16. Uzbekistan

Somewhat more costly than Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan is likewise among the cheap destinations in Asia. It is one of the two double-locked countries, and well-known for being home to 3 imports silk road cities; Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva.

This historical, cultural, and architectural nation will leave you in awe if you like stunning Islamic architecture and archaeological sites. All the silk road cities are connected by bus and train, making them quickly accessible for budget plan tourists.

Tickets for some museums, mosques, madrasah, and shrines are cheap, costing $2- $5. With $4, you can get food in an inexpensive restaurant, a regional beer goes for $1.35 and a dorm room will set you back as far as $8 usually.

Naturally, you may invest a bit more in Khiva than other lesser-known places, however at approximately $25, you can be sure to have an enjoyable stay in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan’s typical day-to-day budget: Between $25 and $30.

Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

17. China

The huge cities of China and the Chinese landmarks like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City may make you think that China is costly to travel to but it’s not.

Of course, it’s not the most affordable nation in Asia but if you spend sensibly and apply all the ideas for taking a trip on a budget, you’ll be able to enjoy China at a bargain!

Famous for being the most inhabited nation worldwide, remarkable Asian natural wonders, like the cute huge panda, and its diverse cuisine, China uses a variety of traveler activities.

China can be economical if you decide to remain in hostels. You just require to get a Hosteling International Card as most hostels in China provide discount rates to visitor with membership cards.

Hostels vary from $6– $15 depending on the city. The other method to minimize your budget is by eating street foods as it’s cheaper than sit-down restaurants.

You will likewise get to enjoy exceptional authentic Chinese food from the grocery store in all cities.

Regional public transportation is likewise budget-friendly but quick trains are a bit on a higher-end however the cash you saved on food and accommodation will make up for this.

Regardless, approximately $30 daily will be enough to cater for food, accommodation, activities, and transportation proving that if you budget plan your money well, China can also be an inexpensive country to visit in Asia. China’s average everyday budget: In between $30 and $35.

Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

18. Mongolia

Sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south, Mongolia is one of the cheap if not the cheapest nation to take a trip in Asia. It is a special country positioned on mountains and plateaus, and it’s understood to be the world’s highest country with an elevation of 5280ft.

Its iconic mountains, rugged landscapes, and rich history draw in countless travelers every year who want to enjoy its stunning landscapes and even learn about its history by visiting its ancient Buddhist temples and shrines.

Restaurants here are fairly priced, and you can get a pizza for as low as $3, and local dining establishments have even cheaper foods.

Utilizing local transports like buses and trains will assist you navigate Mongolia fairly cheaper at $3 while lodging can vary between $7-$ 10.

With an average budget plan of $20, it’s not tough to see why Mongolia is one of the most affordable Asian countries to visit. Mongolia’s typical everyday budget plan: In between $20 and $25.

Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

19. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a backpacker’s dream as it is among the inexpensive places in Asia. Why you may ask? It is rich in both gas and gas that makes the cost of transport really low-cost.

Also, fast foods in local dining establishments are extremely cost effective with a satisfying meal opting for about $3 while sit-down dining establishments can go up to $10 and a beer for less than a dollar.

The country is boarded by Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia, offering it a mix of both the east and western cultures. Also called the secular republic, alcohol is extensively offered compared to other Islamic nations.

Soviet structures, legendary mountain ranges, and vineyards are some of the attractions that make Azerbaijan worth checking out.

While it’s a bit costly than a few of the locations we have actually taken a look at above, Azerbaijan is still one of the cheapest countries in Asia with a typical day-to-day budget plan of $30. Azerbaijan’s typical everyday spending plan: In between $30 and $35.

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Cheapest Countries in Asia | Free Travel Guide

20. Armenia

Not yet overrun by tourists, Armenia is still among the cheapest nations to check out in Asia. The country is rich in history and uses stunning views of the peak of Mount Ararat. And if you enjoy visiting churches and admiring their architecture, Armenia will not disappoint as it has some of the most stunning churches on the planet.

Hostels are budget-friendly at as low as $4, $2 will be enough for public transport while meals will cost you $4. A budget plan of $18 a day suffices to make you enjoy this stunning nation with all that it uses. Armenia’s typical daily spending plan: In between $15 and $20.

And What About The Not so Cheap Places to See in Asia. Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, and South-Korea … All these countries can be truly expensive to take a trip to and are not budget-friendly at all.

Even if you take a trip as inexpensively as possible doing hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, cooking on your own, or perhaps eat once a day, you will not be able to hide from the high cost of living.

And what about China? Well, China may not be the most affordable county in Asia but it is a particular case. Just like the Philippines or Indonesia, some parts of the country can be very pricey and others reasonably low-cost.

The main cost will most likely be transportation. China is such a vast nation that you will not be able to prevent taking the fast train, which is absolutely amazing but rather expensive.

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Final Ideas on the Low-cost Asian Countries to Check Out. Much like traveling to any other location, you can still spend more money in these Asian countries if you take a trip extravagantly or if you don’t manage your budget well.

However the guideline that will assist you remain on a budget plan while traveling in Asia is sleeping in hostels, consuming street food which is very scrumptious btw and utilizing regional transport instead of working with personal taxis.

If you follow all these, you’ll be able to delight in Asia on a budget plan! And now that you know the majority of the inexpensive Asian countries to travel to, you can begin planning your trip around this exceptionally incredible and varied continent of Asia.

Have you been to any of these most affordable countries in Asia? Just how much was your average budget plan in that particular country? Let me know in the comments below.

Still economical, costs are rising from year to year and report has it that the federal government desires to make the nation a high-end destination!

It is the world’s largest landlocked country and well-known for its geographical diversity. The country is likewise popular for bird viewing. Have you been to any of these least expensive countries in Asia? How much was your average spending plan in that specific nation?

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