Bora Bora Island Temperature In December (Well-Explained)

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Bora Bora island temperature in December, When you’re deciding to visit the Bora Bora island in December, you may be wondering if it’s going to be warm enough. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will provide information about what to expect weather-wise when visiting this popular island destination in the middle of winter. Many people are surprised by how warm Bora Bora can be in December. The island is located in French Polynesia, squarely between 16 and 29 degrees south latitude.

December is a beautiful time to vacation in Bora Bora. The island is a tropical haven with coconut trees and clear blue coastal waters, but it does tend to get warm and humid during the later half of the month.

That’s why planning your trip for the beginning of December can save you from sweating through your vacation. Bora Bora island is the most popular destination of all these in French Polynesia. It is a part of the Leeward Island located in the Pacific Ocean.

The Island is inhabited by about 7000 people, who live on its 26 sq km area. Bora Bora has a fantastic weather, warm and cozy enough to spend vacation here every month of the year including December.

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As a travel blogger, I can honestly say Bora Bora was the most beautiful island that I’ve ever seen. Many people want to come here. Some of them want to get married in Bora Bora as well. But you need to know cold weather here. It’s not Vietnam, or Spain, or even South America.

Takeaway points

  • Bora Bora island temperature in December
  • High Temperature 28 °C in December
  • Low Temperature 26 °C in December
  • Rainfall 166 mm in Bora Bora during December
Bora Bora Island Temperature In December

Bora Bora island temperature in December

The average temperature in Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia is 10°C (50°F), but will typically be a few degrees cooler during the morning and evening. April is the hottest month in Bora Bora with an average temperature of 19°C (66°F).

The average amount of rain for this month is 14 mm. The months October, July and December are the driest with 13 mm of rainfall.

Bora Bora Island Climate Summary:

With a mean temperature of 10 °C (50 °F), December is the coolest month of the year in Bora Bora. Even though the climate is tropical, temperatures rarely exceed 30 °C (86 °F) or fall below 5 °C (41 °F).

The highest recorded temperature was 32.1 °C (89.8 °F) and the lowest was 29.4 °C (84.9 °F). Annual precipitation averages 568 mm, with rainfall peaking from November to February and a drier period from April to August.

The climate of Bora Bora is tropical, with little variation throughout the year. The average temperature is around 28 °C (82 °F) in the months of February and March, but temperatures can reach 30 °C (86 °F) at any time during the year. The lowest recorded temperature was 5 °C (41 °F), in December and January.

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The rainy season runs from November to May and rainfall peaks from November to February, with an annual average of about 568 mm (22.3 in). The drier period runs from April to August and precipitation is usually less than 50 mm (2 in).

December is the coolest month of the year in Bora Bora, when temperatures average 10 °C (50 °F). Although temperatures rarely exceed 30 °C (86 °F), it does happen occasionally between December and February. The highest recorded temperature was 32.1 °C (89.8 °F) and the lowest was 29.4 °C (84.9 °F).

The climate of Bora Bora is tropical, and the weather is dominated by the southeast trade winds. Temperature is affected by altitude with lower temperatures at higher elevations.

Average temperatures range from 23 °C (73 °F) in January to 28 °C (82 °F) in July and August. The average annual rainfall is 1,500 mm (59 in). Rainfall is higher at higher elevations.

December is the coolest month of the year in Bora Bora, with an average daily maximum temperature of 28°C (82°F).

If you plan to visit Bora Bora during this time, make sure you pack light clothes that are easily washed and dried. December is also when there are less tourists on the island, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet away from all those crowds!

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Bora Bora Island Temperature In December

High Temperature 28 °C in December

Bora Bora is a French Polynesian atoll located in the southern Pacific Ocean, and having a population of 12,000 people. The island’s main industries are tourism and sugarcane production. The island is famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts.

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This island has an interesting history. In the 15th century, Bora Bora was inhabited by Polynesians, who were later displaced by the Tahitians.

In 1797, the English navigator Samuel Wallis visited Bora Bora and named it “Queen Charlotte’s Island.” He was later followed by Captain James Cook in 1772, who named it “the finest island in the South Seas.”

In 1843, King Pomare IV of Tahiti gave some of his lands in the Society Islands to Catholic missionaries from the Sacred Heart order for them to build a missionary station there.

The missionaries named this new settlement “Papeete,” which means “water lagoon” or “wetland.” These missionaries founded schools and churches on the island as well as hospitals and orphanages for children with leprosy or other illnesses such as tuberculosis (TB).

Bora Bora have high temperature 28 °C in December. It is a gorgeous place to visit and enjoy the weather, as well as the sunsets. It is also a great place to go scuba diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach.

The water is very clear and beautiful! The most popular excursions are day trips to the nearby islands of Taha’a, Raiatea and Tahaa. You can also book a boat trip around Bora Bora island itself – this is a great way to see all of the sights without having to leave your hotel’s private beach area!

Bora Bora have high temperature 28 °C in December. The highest recorded temperature for this month is 31°C and the lowest recorded temperature for this month is 23°C. The weather for this month shows a significant variation in temperatures with the average being 25°C and the standard deviation being 2°C.

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Bora Bora has an average annual rainfall of 2450mm, with rain falling on an average of 259 days a year. The wettest month is February with an average of 414mm falling while the driest month is June with an average of 167mm falling.

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Bora Bora Island Temperature In December

Low Temperature 26 °C in December

Bora Bora is the third largest island in French Polynesia and has a population of about 12,000 people. The main city on the island is Vaitape, where most of the inhabitants live, as well as the international airport.

The capital city of Papeete is located on Tahiti, which is an hour away by air. The island has a tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round. There are two seasons: rainy season and dry season.

Rainy season runs from November to April, while dry season lasts from May to October. The average temperature in Bora Bora in December is 26 °C (79.0 °F). The climate here is tropical.

In December it rains heavily, with an average of 194 mm (7.6 in) of precipitation. The days are very warm and the nights are generally mild.

The highest recorded temperature in Bora Bora is 31°C which was recorded on the 27th December 2015 at 12:00AM local time. The lowest recorded temperature in Bora Bora is 21°C which was recorded on the 24th December 2015 at 12:00AM local time.

The average annual temperature on Bora Bora is around 25°C (77°F), with lows reaching 26°C (79°F). Temperatures can reach up to 30°C (86°F) in summer months and fall below 20°C (68°F) during winter nights.

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Bora Bora is an island located in French Polynesia, about 1,000 kilometers northeast of Tahiti. It’s a stunning place with white sand beaches, palm trees, and turquoise water.

The island has a population of around 6,300 people, most of whom live in the administrative center of Vaitape or in nearby villages.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is between November and April when temperatures are at their warmest. During these months you’ll find average highs around 29°C (85°F). But be prepared for rain showers as well as sunshine!

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Bora Bora Island Temperature In December

Rainfall 166 mm in Bora Bora during December

The weather in Bora Bora is rainy and overcast during most of the year. December is the wettest month, with an average rainfall of 166 millimeters (6.5 inches). The driest time of year is from March to May, when it rains on average less than 30 millimeters (1.2 inches) per month.

The average daily temperatures are quite pleasant, with the average high being 29°C (84°F) and the average low being 25°C (77°F). The hottest months are January and February, when temperatures can reach 31°C (88°F). The coolest months are July and August, when it gets down to 24°C (75°F).

Bora Bora is a coral atoll in the Leeward Islands archipelago of French Polynesia, and one of the Windward Islands. It is an overseas collectivity of France in the southern Pacific Ocean.

Bora Bora is known for its idyllic climate and beautiful beaches. The island has over 70 kilometres (43 miles) of shoreline surrounded by a barrier reef, with a turquoise lagoon.

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It was once a major centre for the manufacture of coconut oil, from which copra is produced; it also had large plantations of sugar cane and pineapples.

Bora Bora’s main economic activities are tourism, fishing and agriculture growing produce such as avocados, bananas, coconuts, vanilla beans, mangoes, papayas and passion fruit for export markets.

This has been the recent trend since late 20th century when it came under government ownership in French Polynesia.

Rainfall during the year is concentrated between November and March. The north-east trade winds bring moisture from the tropical Pacific Ocean and the central South Pacific.

They pass over the islands of French Polynesia and produce heavy showers which fall mainly in the months of November to March. The heaviest rainfall is usually recorded in January and February when warm humid air from the south Pacific meets cold dry air from the north.

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Bora Bora Island Temperature In December

Bottom line

Bora Bora is a very rich and beautiful island, with all the luxuries of life. With a sunny weather almost throughout the year and with an average temperature of about 77 degrees, Bora Bora is one of the finest islands to live in.

There are hotels which are quite cheap and luxurious, there are luxury resorts and villas as well, from which you can enjoy your stay on the island. It is highly recommended that if you have a chance to visit this island, then immediately do it.

For the best weather in Bora Bora visit from May to October when temperatures are a comfortable 80–90°F. December to April is the wet season, so, although the temperature will still be warm, you should expect heavy rains and high humidity on most days.

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Like any destination, Bora Bora island has its fair share of highs and lows. The highs include it being an historical destination with a fabulous landscape and plenty of activities to take you away from reality.

The drawbacks include the fact that it can be very touristy at times and the temperatures during December can be quite volatile. Overall, however, there should be no concern for planning a vacation here once you have all the right precautions in place.

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Bora Bora Island Temperature In December (Well-Explained)

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