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Best travel trailer for family of four, traveling trailers and particularly tiny traveling trailers, can be found in all different shapes, sizes, and configurations. But if you’re searching for a little travel trailer that can easily fit a family of four, this is not always an easy job.

Lots of tiny travel trailers are not designed or established for a family of four to easily live and rest inside the trailer.

So we did a ton of research and also developed this checklist of the very best little traveling trailers for a household of four. This showcases some of the best options if you’re trying to find a small traveling trailer that was created for a family of four.

Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four

1. Coachmen Viking Legend 17SBH
Quick Specifications
Cost: $14,000
Size: 20 Feet 4 Inches
Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,883 Pounds.
Sleeping Capability: 5
Bathroom: Dry Bath
Move Outs: 0
Coachmen Viking Legend 17SBH Floorplan.

Among the cheapest little vacationer trailers on the marketplace today for a household of 4 is the Coachmen Viking Legend 17SBH. making it perfect for new RV owners or anyone buying a new motor home on a budget plan.

While you’re definitely not most likely to locate way too many bells as well as whistles on this basic small travel trailer, you do have everything you would certainly require for a weekend break outdoor camping trip with the household.

Including such functions as a totally operating kitchen area with a two-burner gas cooktop, sink, and also a mini-fridge, as well as a completely dry bath, booth dinette, and also a 12-foot awning.

Why It’s Wonderful for a Household of 4

Can sleep five campers at a time with 4 different resting locations. Geared up with bunk beds which are fantastic for children. Has a four-person dinette booth so the entire household can take a seat to appreciate a meal together.

A great deal of counter area for a tiny traveling trailer, making dish preparation and also preparing a very easy job. The shower room has a tub/shower combo which is terrific for smaller sized kids. 2. Cheat 13 Standard Trailer.

Quick Specs

Rate: $15,000.
Size: 13 Feet.
Gross Lorry Weight: 1,200 or 1,500 Extra Pounds (Depending on Floorplan).
Sleeping Capability: 4
Shower Room: Damp Bathroom (Optional).
Slide Outs: 0
Scamp 13 Criterion Trailer Floorplan.

One of my individual favorites when it pertains to tiny traveling trailers is the Cheat 13 Requirement Trailer because of its incredibly short size, light-weight style, and also budget-friendly cost factor.

However there’s a catch if you want this trailer to rest four, as you need to alternative the trailer without a shower room to accomplish this.

This is since the front of this tiny traveling trailer can either be optioned with a convertible sofa that exchanges bunk beds or a damp bathroom.

But if you select the wet bath choice, the only location to oversleep this tiny camper is the exchangeable dinette both that can only rest two.

If you can camp without a shower room however, you won’t discover a smaller sized or lighter travel trailer that can really rest four campers at once.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Kampus Production on

Why It’s Fantastic for a Household of 4

Outfitted with an exchangeable four-person dinette cubicle, offering a great area for nourishment or family activities like parlor game. Front bunk beds make a wonderful place for 2 youngsters to rest.

Really versatile indoor permitting you to establish the trailer up to best match your specific household’s needs. 3. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH.

Quick Specs

Rate: $16,000.
Size: 21 Feet 8 Inches.
Gross Car Weight: 3,950 Extra pounds.
Resting Capacity: 5.
Washroom: Dry Bath.
Slide Outs: 0.
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH Floorplan.

The Jayco Jay Trip SLX 7 174BH has a really comparable feel and look compared to the Coachmen Viking Saga 17SBH from above, as this is Jayco’s variation of an entry-level little travel trailer.

And which one you choose actually simply depends upon individual choice, as they both have a really comparable floorplan with a queen bed in advance, a small convertible dinette, back bunks, and a completely dry bathroom.

Nonetheless, if I had to choose which trailer had a slightly better fit and coating. I would probably give a mild side to Jayco, as the interior finishing appears to be assembled a little better.

And with a typical price of just $16,000, this small little travel trailer makes an excellent little camper for a family members of 4 buying on a budget.

Why It’s Excellent for a Household of 4

Can rest five campers each time with 4 different sleeping locations.
Equipped with bunk beds which are great for children.
Lots of cupboards and also above storage space offering a lot of storage room.
The washroom has a tub/shower combo which is terrific for smaller sized kids.
4. Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 17BH.

Quick Specifications

Rate: $16,500.
Length: 20 Feet 5 Inches
Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,840 Extra pounds.
Sleeping Ability: 5
Bathroom: Dry Bathroom.
Slide Outs: 0
Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 17BH Floorplan.

While the Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 17BH has a comparable floorplan compared to the Coachmen Viking Saga 17SBH from above, the inside of this Coachmen most definitely has a more superior feeling, thanks to the two-tone dinette pillows, updated valences, and countertops.

Additionally, just like the Coachmen Viking Legend, this popular Coachmen Clipper has the capability to conveniently sleep as many as five campers at a time, thanks to the front queen bed, exchangeable dining room, and back bunk beds.

Coachmen also included a number of upgrades not generally found on entry-level trailers, including a back-gain access door to access the lower bunk area for extra storage area while traveling, a roof-mounted A/C device with heat pump, flip-out strong actions, and an unabridged 12-foot powered awning with LED lights.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Shane Aldendorff on

Why It’s Excellent for a Family of 4

Can pleasantly rest 5 campers at a time. Has four separate sleeping spaces enabling a variety of sleeping alternatives or arrangements. Equipped with bunk beds that are terrific for kids.

Built-in four-person dining room booth gives a really flexible area for the entire family members to socialize together. A lot of overhanging cupboards that offer a lot of storage capability.

The washroom has a tub/shower combo which is great for smaller youngsters.
5. Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD

Quick Specs

Rate: $18,500
Length: 20 Feet 11 Inches.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 4,700 Pounds.
Sleeping Capacity: 4
Washroom: Dry Bath
Slide Outs: 0
Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD Floorplan.

When you prepare to move past the basic and entry-level small traveling trailers, an excellent option to take into consideration is the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD.

This little travel trailer has a full exterior fiberglass body, in addition to numerous functions throughout the trainer that really provide it that upgraded and also superior feeling, consisting of multiple large home windows, a full three-piece dry bathroom, a large u-shaped exchangeable dinette, and also an upgraded and modern-day interior.

This small travel is likewise terrific for a family of four as it can conveniently sleep four campers each time thanks to a front queen bed and also a huge u-shaped dining room in the rear.

Keystone also did a really great job on the indoor cabinets and also coated this little travel trailer in a way that really gives it a fresh and contemporary feel.

Why it’s Fantastic for a Family of 4
It has a resting area for four campers at a time.

Well geared up kitchen with a full-size fridge makes food storage space, preparation, and also cooking a breeze. Furnished with a separate 3-piece completely dry bathroom making preparing yourself for the day much easier.

The washroom has a tub/shower combo which is fantastic for smaller kids.
6. Woodland River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS.

Quick Specs

Price: $21,000.
Size: 21 Feet 2 Inches.
Gross Automobile Weight: 4,355 Extra pounds.
Sleeping Capability: 6
Shower Room: Dry Bath
Slide Outs: 1
Woodland River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS Floorplan.

A popular tiny traveling trailer that’s wonderful for family members is the Rockwood Geo Pro made by Forest River.

And they just launched a brand new floorplan for 2021 called the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS, which is included below and also is definitely best for families of 4 or anybody that requires a lot of sleeping ability.

As this roomy tiny travel trailer has a front full bed, a big exchangeable dining room booth, and back bunk beds, giving this little camper the capability to sleep six campers at the same time which is rather outstanding considering this trailer is only 21 feet long.

And thanks to the slide-out on this little traveling trailer, the within the camper has a spacious feel inside, enabling 4 individuals to easily move inside the trailer without bumping into each other.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Jeff Stapleton on

Why It’s Fantastic for a Household of 4

Can sleep as much as 5 campers at a time. Has four separate sleeping spaces permitting a large range of sleeping alternatives. Built-in bunk beds are excellent for youngsters.

Slide-out provides much more interior room for people to move inside the trailer.
Has a large dining room cubicle that supplies good flex area for eating and also entrainment.
7. Woodland River Flagstaff E-Pro E19RD.

Quick Specs

Price: $23,000
Length: 20 Feet 2 Inches.
Gross Car Weight: 4,336 Pounds.
Resting Ability: 4
Washroom: Dry Bathroom.
Move Outs: 0
Woodland River Flagstaff E-Pro 19RD Floorplan.

An additional prominent tiny travel trailer made by Woodland River is their Flagstaff E-Pro line which is available in 13 different floorplans consisting of two different toy hauler designs.

Yet the one we’re concentrated on right here is the Forest River Flagstaff E19RD that makes an excellent little traveling trailer for a family of 4.

This little camper can conveniently rest 4 campers at once thanks to its full-size bed at the front of the trailer and also huge convertible dining room at the rear.

And also while this traveling trailer doesn’t have any slide-outs, it still offers a lot of space for a family members of 4 to comfortably walk around inside the trailer.

Why It’s Great for a Family of 4

Can rest up to four campers each time. The big back dinette cubicle provides a great place for the whole household to hang out. Furnished with a full three-piece completely dry bath offering plenty of room for everyone to prepare yourself in the morning.

Lots of cupboards and also above storage space give tons of storage choices.
8. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH.

Quick Specifications

Rate: $25,000.
Length: 21 Feet 11 Inches.
Gross Lorry Weight: 5,500 Pounds.
Resting Capability: 5
Shower Room: Dry Bathroom.
Move Outs: 1
Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH Floorplan.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH is the very first true four-season trailer on this listing, as it can be optioned with an all-weather insulation plan as well as warmed and also encased underbelly with heated tanks, permitting you to camp year-round with this family-friendly little travel trailer.

This small traveling trailer by Winnebago likewise has numerous upgrades, consisting of an available off-road plan, double axle, power tongue jack, powered 13-foot awning, and double LP tanks.

Another wonderful feature of this camper is that it includes what Winnebago refers to as an “exterior pack-N-play,” which is just a back accessibility door that allows you to utilize the reduced bunk as cargo space while taking a trip.

This small travel trailer additionally makes a wonderful camper for a household of four thanks to its five-person sleeping capacity that includes a front full bed, exchangeable dinette booth, and also rear bunk beds.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Erik Mclean on

Why It’s Great for a Family of 4

Can sleep up to 5 campers at a time. Four separate sleeping rooms allow for multiple resting plans. Outfitted with bunk beds which are wonderful for kids.

Slide-out provides extra interior area and a much more open floorplan, permitting everybody to walk around inside the trailer extra quickly. 9. Winnebago Walking H171DB.

Quick Specs

Price: $25,000
Length: 20 Feet 7.5 Inches.
Gross Automobile Weight: 4,200 Extra pounds.
Resting Capability: 4
Shower Room: Dry Bath.
Slide Outs: 1
Winnebago Walking H171DB Floorplan.

One of the most recent family-friendly small travel trailers to strike the motor home market is the well-appointed as well as rugged Winnebago Walking, which is readily available in 5 different plans.

However, the floorplan I’m most excited about for a family of 4 is the Winnebago Hike H171DB, as it has two huge resting locations consisting of a front queen bed and also a back convertible dining room cubicle that can conveniently rest two campers.

Yet it’s not simply the sleeping capacity that makes this small travel trailer great for households, as it additionally has a full kitchen area slide that actually helps to open up the interior room of the camper, allowing every person enough room to walk around comfortably inside without needing to creep over each other.

One more wonderful function of this Motor Home is that it has a complete three-piece dry bathroom, which can sometimes be tough to discover in a little traveling trailer, as they usually either have a damp bath or a two-piece dry bathroom with no devoted washroom sink.

Why It’s Excellent for a Family of 4

Can rest up to four campers each time. The big rear dinette booth offers a terrific location for the whole family members to hang around with each other. The full slide-out kitchen develops a great deal of added indoor area and makes the small travel trailer feel a lot roomier inside.

It has a fully equipped kitchen area with a full-size refrigerator, making food preparation and storage space incredibly easy. Outfitted with a complete three-piece dry bathroom, giving a lot of room for everyone to get ready in the early morning. 10. Lance 1685.

Quick Specifications

Price: $40,000.
Size: 21 Feet.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 5,500 Extra pounds.
Sleeping Capability: 4
Shower Room: Dry Bathroom.
Move Outs: 1
Lance 1685 Floorplan.

While there’s absolutely nothing economical about Lance traveling trailers, as this Lance 1685 is certainly in the direction of the top-end of the tiny traveling trailer rate array, when it pertains to high quality and craftsmanship, it’s difficult to beat a Lance.

As Lance makes a few of the most durable and premium travel trailers on the market today. However, maybe what Lance trailers are best recognized for is their four-season capacity, which is unrivaled in the recreational vehicle industry.

This is because Lance consists of a wide selection of cold-weather as well as four-season functions on their trailers to take care of not just the chilliest days of winter season yet also the hottest days of summer season. But there’s even more to Lance trailers though past simply their four-season ability.

As Lance trailers are also a few of the most well-appointed and also feature-rich little traveling trailers on the marketplace today consisting of such attributes as all-aluminum framing, Asdel interior panel walls, ducted warmth, high-end cabinets with accent lighting, as well as updated home appliances.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Andrea Davis on

Why It’s Excellent for a Household of 4

Can rest up to 4 campers at a time. Slide-out provides additional interior room and also a more open floorplan permitting every person to move around inside the trailer much easier.

The large u-shaped dinette supplies a wonderful area for the entire family members to eat and also play games with each other.

equipped with large holding storage tanks consisting of a 45 gallon fresh, grey, as well as black storage tank, allowing a family of four to boondock and also stay off-grid for longer compared to other little travel trailers. 11. Airstream Bambi 19CB.

Quick Specifications

Rate: $50,000.
Length: 19 Feet.
Gross Automobile Weight: 5,000 Extra pounds.
Sleeping Capability: 4
Shower Room: Dry Bathroom.
Slide Outs: 0
Airstream Bambi 19CB Floorplan.

While Airstream trailers come at a substantial cost, there is possibly nothing else on the market today that is more legendary than the classic Airstream traveling trailer.

And one of the most preferred Airstream traveling trailers is the small Airstream Bambi, which includes 4 various floorplans as well as trailer sizes ranging from 16 to 22 feet.

Nonetheless, the Airstream Bambi we are concentrating on today is the Airstream Bambi 19CB, which is the smallest Bambi that can still fit a household of 4.

This tiny traveling trailer from Airstream is the ideal size for a household of 4, thanks to the considerable back bed in addition to a front convertible dining room booth that can be used as additional sleeping space for kids.

Additionally, this well-appointed small traveling trailer also has a full three-piece completely dry bathroom along with a well-selected kitchen area for food preparation as well as food preparation.

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Best Travel Trailer for Family of Four
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Why It’s Terrific for a Household of 4

It can sleep approximately four campers at once. It is equipped with a full three-piece dry bathroom, offering a lot of room for every person to get ready in the early morning.

The big front dining room cubicle offers a superb location for the entire household to hang around together. 12. Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB.

Quick Specifications

Rate: $85,000.
Length: 23 Feet.
Gross Automobile Weight: 6,000 Extra pounds.
Resting Capacity: 6.
Bathroom: Dry Bath.
Glide Outs: 0.
Airstream Traveling Cloud 23CB Floorplan.

When you’re seeking the ultimate tiny travel trailer for a household of 4, you need to look no further than the Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB. This small traveling trailer from Airstream has every high-end feature and finish you could desire.

And while the rate will be cost-prohibitive for a lot of, with a whopping cost of $85,000, which is 2 and even 4 times a lot pricier contrasted to even more affordable small traveling trailers.

For those that can pay for the high price, they can expect just the best of the very best on both the outdoors along with the within this premium small travel trailer.

Consisting of such high-end functions as a hand riveted dual layer lightweight aluminum wall and also roof covering, Quite stream ™ ducted climate control system, Ultra leather seats, contemporary indoor style with high-end surfaces, handmade custom-made kitchen cabinetry, as well as a well-equipped cooking area with updated appliances.

Why it’s great for a family of four

Can sleep approximately 6 campers each time. Multiple seats locations providing every person space to spread out. Has a well-appointed kitchen area, making prepping and cooking meals a wind. Furnished with a full three-piece dry bathroom, offering a lot of space for everyone to prepare yourself in the morning.

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