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Best time to travel to virgin Islands, Positioned at the top of the Lesser Antilles chain, only 4 of the US VI are populated: St Thomas (pop. 54,000) is the most developed as well as can have up to eight cruise liners going to on some days; bordering St John (pop. 4,000).

Is primarily taken up by a national forest; St Croix (pop. 55,000), 40 miles (64 km) to the southwest, is the biggest yet poorer and also more relaxing than St Thomas. Water Island, off St Thomas, has a couple of citizens and also is known as the fourth Virgin Island.

The US VI, the American holiday paradise

When sugar-cane production bailed out of the economic climate in the 1960s, the United States started creating the islands’ possible as a “vacation heaven” for Americans, as well as today greater than two million site visitors descend on the US Virgin Islands yearly, the bulk showing up by cruise liner or under sail– just about a 3rd fly in.

St Thomas – A popular island

St Thomas, with US VI resources Charlotte Amalie, is the recipient of the largest percentage of tourists, as well as there is really little of the island that hasn’t been built on, which gives it instead a crowded feel: the airport path, a smooth stretch of garbage dump, protrudes into the sea – there is nothing else location for it.

The primary island of St Thomas is frequently called “Rock City” since it is basically one huge mountain– its acme being 1,550 feet (470 meters). Apart from the stretch inhabited by Charlotte Amalie.

The remainder of the 32 sq. mile (83 sq. km) island’s coastline is a garland of beach resorts around a wooded interior of personal homes – bright red, corrugated tin-roofed aeries established into the high hillsides.

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Best Time to Travel to the Virgin Islands

Places to check out in the US Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie (St Thomas)

Charlotte Amalie has among the most attractive harbors in the region. Fort Christian, now a museum (tel: 340-776 4566), marks the start of the community facility. Built by the Danes in 1680, it is the oldest structure in constant usage on the island.

Although the community is richer in stores than it is in standard views– the main purchasing area has countless alleys, each with its very own mini-shopping shopping mall– Charlotte Amalie does have a few locations of historical passion.

Among them are Blackbeard’s Castle, built by the Danish government yet used (supposedly) by Blackbeard – the pirate, Edward Teach – as a search; the Seven Arches Gallery, a 19th-century Danish craftsmen’s home.

Currently a private museum and also art gallery housing artifacts from that period; and St Thomas Synagogue (1796), the second-oldest synagogue in the Caribbean after the one in Curaçao.

An unusual locate remains in the center of the purchasing frenzy in Key Road: at No. 14 is the location where artist Camille Pisarro was born in 1830, with an art gallery upstairs.

By Coki Factor on the island’s northeast coast. The focal point of the park is a three-level undersea observatory where to watch a substantial range of marine life.

But the emphasize is enjoying the divers from the observatory when they involve feed the sharks, moray eels and stingrays in the killer tank.

There is also a Nautilus semi-submersible – an improved glass-bottomed watercraft tour– or Sea Trip, where you done a unique head gear to adhere to a route along the sea bed.

Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands
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Christiansted (St Croix)

You really feel the Danish impact all over on St Croix, specifically generally community of Christiansted, in the northeast, where the cream-colored structures are constructed from bricks that the Danish ships brought over as ballast.

Christiansted is a community built for the tropics, with looming balconies and amazing arcades. Much of the red-roofed buildings built in the thriving years of the 18th century by rich sellers have actually been recovered.

As well as the whole of the historical location, consisting of the harbor location, is preserved by the United States National Park Solution.

Christiansted National Historic Website includes 6 historical buildings: Government Home Steeple Building (1753), Danish West India & Genia Business Storehouse (1749), Customized Home, Range House (1856), as well as Fort Christiansvaern.

Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands
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Dollar Island

Christiansted is the embarkation point for boats to 850-acre (344-hectare) Buck Island Coral Reef National Monolith. This underwater national park has its own marked undersea trails, 12ft (3 meters) down among the reef.

Teeming with tropical fish – the dusky damselfish, the yellow head wrasses, the look down moon fish– and also various other marine life.

Assisted walks and visits round vineyard houses as well as damages are offered regularly by St Croix Landmarks Society.

Among this is the Estate Impulse Vineyard Gallery, the oldest sugar ranch gallery in the Virgin Islands and a fascinating window on to the lives of the people that lived as well as worked there, in addition to the business economics as well as innovation of sugar production.

The estate is common of ranches laid out by the Danish West Indian Firm in the very early 18th century, with first cotton, after that sugar being grown, as well as finally cattle being reared here.

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Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands

St John

Existing 5 miles (8 km) east of St Thomas, St John is a little, green atoll, and worlds apart from its overcrowded next-door neighbor.

The Virgin Islands National Park was opened in 1956 and also currently covers concerning two-thirds of the island, although some land in the park is still independently possessed.

The primary town, Cruz Bay, is the type of location where individuals involve satisfy a close friend at the ferryboat, grab their mail, get some groceries, and then pull away back into the timbers.

Cab driver mill about and there are T-shirt stores, moped rental stores, open food stands, bars, and restaurants. The very best time to check out the United States Virgin Islands is from mid-April through June.

As the islands are at the highest threat for storms in very early loss as well as winter is peak vacationer period, preparing a journey for late spring or early summer time is crucial to staying clear of hefty rainfalls and vacation crowds.

From key vacations and events to seasonal price variations, below is your utmost guide for planning your visit to St. John, St. Thomas, as well as St. Croix.

Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands
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Climate in the US Virgin Islands

Temperature levels in the U.S. Virgin Islands are reasonably stable year-round, with monthly averages varying from the high 70s to reduced 80s).

1 The completely dry season formally begins in December as well as lasts with May; come June, there is a seasonal shift in expected rainfall – along with a boosted opportunity of typhoons as well as tropical storms.

September and October are peak cyclone period in the West Indies, so vacationers planning to see throughout this duration should book travel insurance coverage if they’re concerned about their journey.

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Top Tourist Season in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Though tourism varies on each of the 3 major islands in the US VI, the winter months are reliably the busiest time of year for vacationers, which means jam-packed coastlines and dining establishments across the board.

Nonetheless, site visitors should keep in mind that St. Thomas is one of the most popular islands for international travelers, and also can anticipate the island to be a little more congested than the more remote St. John and the lesser-known (though equally beautiful) St. Croix.

There are also seasonal price variations for resort spaces as well as airfare, so expect investing even more money if you’re checking out from December through April.

Travelers intending to go to throughout the hectic period ought to schedule their tickets and also schedule their reservations beforehand to avoid raised charges.

Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands
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Trick Holidays & Occasions in the U.S. Virgin Islands

With Carnival being just one of the most prominent occasions in the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that each of the United States Virgin Islands has its take on the festivities.

Circus in St. Thomas starts in mid-April, St. John’s is kept in early July, and Circus in St. Croix is commemorated throughout the holiday.

The Crucial Xmas Event begins the initial Saturday of December and hosts contests and also the yearly St. Croix Boat Parade.

Vacation events are likewise highly expected on the island of St. Thomas, with the annual Wonder on Key Road featuring steel drums, carolers, and regional arts and also crafts.


One of the busiest months of the year in the US VI, January proceeds the occasions and celebrations that kicked off throughout the holiday.

Part of the completely dry period, January is likewise the chilliest month of the year, with an average temperature level of 79 F.

Occasions to check out

The month-long Crucial Xmas Festival on St. Croix ends the initial Saturday of the New Year– expect ceremonies, calypso competitions, and J’ouvert events


The typical high in February is 86 F and also the typical reduced is 72 F. Optimal tourist season is additionally in full swing this month, so expect to pay higher rates for resorts as well as air travel.

Events to check out

The Yearly St. Croix International Regatta, developed in 1992, is a three-day regatta on Teague Bay at the St. Croix Yacht Club; it attracts yacht aficionados from all over the world.


The completely dry period continues right into March, as well as this is likewise the last full month when the island will be packed with tourists. The typical high is 86 F, while the average reduced is 73 F.

Events to take a look at

One more three-day regatta occurs in March: The St. Thomas International Regatta, one of 3 races in the Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle.

The vibrant Mardi Gras Yearly Parade begins on the north coast of St. Croix and copulates to Walking cane Bay.

Transfer Day honors March 31, when Denmark transferred the United States Virgin Islands to the United States Visitors purchase Danish products as well as check out the Danish fts and ruins staying on the island.


April is just one of the very best times for vacationers to check out; the climate is really similar to what you’d experience in March, and also the groups start dissipating mid-month.

Occasions to have a look at

April marks the start of Circus in St. Thomas, with celebrations continuing on until the start of May.


The travelers have actually left, and also the average temperature level remains in the 80s. May is the month to check out for outdoor activities, including a Paradise 5K run, Memorial Day 2-Mile Run, and also a Coconut Mug SUP Race– all hung on the island of St. Croix.

Occasions to take a look at
The Iron man 70.3 Triathlon brings challengers from around the world to St. Croix (as well as accompanies one of the 4 yearly Raise in Christiansted).


June is a fantastic time to visit, as the coastlines are uncrowded and also the price of travel is seriously reduced. While it is throughout the start of the damp period, the tropical showers in late spring and very early to mid-summer are not likely to last long.

Events to take a look at

Beginning in late June, Carnival happens on St. John. Anticipate Cruz Bay to be full of revelers in elaborate outfits, partaking in ceremonies and food fairs.

The ferryboats between St. Thomas and also St. John are constantly loaded with people going out to the island to celebrate.

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Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands


July sees an uptick in rains, though the top storm period is yet ahead. In addition, the St. John Circus continues right into July, as it celebrates the emancipation day of the enslaved people in the US VI: July 3, 1848.

The next day is a conclusion of all the preceding celebrations, with celebratory fireworks on the 4th of July.

Occasions to look into

The Virgin Islands Bartender Olympics were inspired by the film Cocktail (starring a young Tom Cruise ship) and require bartenders showing off their finest creations.

If you’re more of a foodie than a cocktail enthusiast, take a look at samplings as well as cooking demos at the Mango Melee and Exotic Fruit Festival, which takes place every July on St. Croix.

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The hottest month of the year (average temperatures remain in the mid-80s), August is also, fittingly, the sunniest month, with approximately 9 hours of sunshine.

If you fretted about heading to the tropics in the summertime, felt confident that the trade winds maintain temperatures cool year-round. If you do publication at this time, you will enjoy reduced rates on hotels and airfare.

Occasions to take a look at

The two-day U.S. Virgin Islands Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin is the most significant marlin tournament in the Caribbean and is kept in St. Thomas.

Though it draws in first-rate fishermen and also fisher women, it’s open to any person who wants to take part.


September marks the beginning of the height hurricane period, so worried tourists should purchase travel insurance coverage ahead of their check-out.

Due to the fact that the ordinary sea temperature is 84 F, this is likewise one of the very best months of the year to swim.

Events to take a look at

Physical fitness fans need to consider taking part in one of the three yearly physical fitness events hung on St. Croix: the Virgin Islands 10K Race, the Wall 2 Wall Surface Springtime Triathlon, or the Labor Day 5K Race.

Best Time to Travel to Virgin Islands
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Peak hurricane season continues into October, and vacationers seeing right now ought to load rain equipment: October is the wettest month of the year, experiencing an average of 6.1 inches of rains.

Events to check out

The five-day Virgin Islands Style Week on St. Thomas includes developers from the U.S., Caribbean, and also West Africa; celebrations are open to the public.


The tail-end of hurricane period, November, sees a decrease in temperature, with a typical high of 88 F and also an average reduced of 75 F. This is the last month before vacationer period picks up again, so it is smart for cost-conscious tourists to see prior to the holidays.

Occasions to check out

Visit St. Thomas for the yearly Holiday Arts, Crafts & Music Event, which includes live songs, art display screens, and free tasks for kids.


It’s not a surprise that December coincides with the start of peak tourist period: The month formally notes the start of the completely dry season on the island, as well as the average high is 86 F. Plus, there are numerous holiday events to commemorate on all 3 islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

As this is the busiest time of year, expect even more jam packed coastlines and waitlists for eating in restaurants– yet the holiday occasions greater than make up for needing to arrange your getaways in advance.

Events to check out

The All-Island Holiday Celebration, (also referred to as “prom”), started as a holiday practice after Storm Marilyn struck St. John in 1995– and also is still going strong.

The Crucial Christmas Celebration advertises the beginning of the vacation parties, with the first occasions taking place on the first Saturday of December.

Throughout the month, expect events like the St. Croix Watercraft Parade, the Wonder on Main Road in St. Thomas, and also Xmas Second Day (commemorated on December 26).

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