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Best time to travel to borneo, the best time to see Borneo is between March and October, when the island is hot, moist, and also at its driest. This makes it among Southeast Asia’s couple of summer season locations.

It is additionally the best time to see orangutans in the wild, while turtles can be seen on Lankayan Island in between June and September

Throughout the remainder of the year, Borneo experiences a tropical environment, and the rainfall involves watering the woodland below. It’s hot and moist, with temperatures balancing 27 °C to 32 °C and also moisture typically at around 80%.

Nevertheless, there’s always somewhere to break up the trip. Head up Mount Kinabalu to be rewarded with sensational sights and a cooling breeze, or head to the beaches for some swimming and world-class snorkeling.

Best Time to Travel to Borneo

Seeing Borneo in September

It’s the end of turtle period on Langkayan Island, as well as resort prices start to return to regular. However, the weather stays great and also dry throughout, so it’s still a very attractive time to visit for relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, and also wildlife viewing on Kinabatangan River.

Events & Events

Borneo Arts Celebration (August or September): A variety of efficiencies commemorating the arts occur over a week on the island of Labuan.

Borneo International Kite Celebration (September or October): Hundreds collect at Old Bintulu Flight Terminal, Bintulu to fly colourful – and frequently complicated– kites.

Hari Raya Haji (September): Commemorated by Muslims all over the world, when those who are able need to go on the hajj expedition to the divine city of the Capital.

Malaysia Day (16th September) celebrates the establishment of the Malaysian federation in 1963. It marked the collaboration of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to create Malaysia.

Borneo exists within the tropics as well, therefore you ought to anticipate high moisture as well as rain at any time of the year.

The wettest months are generally between December as well as February when the Northeast Downpour hits, with the milder better months for travel being in between March and also October.

We are professionals in producing vacations to Borneo and we commonly receive a couple of inquiries from individuals intending their journey, so we’ve assembled some sensible planning FAQs to help you.

March to October is the completely dry season, so you are likely to experience smaller amounts of rain. This is the peak time, and likewise the most effective time to see orang-utans in the wild.

From April to December is thought about the very best time to dive, with July as well as August having the most effective presence, sometimes as much as 40 metres.

March to May is the very best time to see whale sharks. From June to September is the most effective time to see turtles on Lankayan Island.

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Best Time to Travel to Borneo

When to Prevent

The months of January and also December can see greater rainfall and rougher waters. It is possible to take a trip, however problems are not good for wild animals and much of it conceals in the thick forest. We normally suggest you avoid taking a trip during Dec-Jan where possible.

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Birdlife: You can see the avian citizens year-round. October to April is the very best time to see migratory birds. Pygmy Elephants: The completely dry season from completion of March to the start of October is the most effective time to see them when the weather is extra comfy.

Orangutans: April to August has the driest climate providing ideal possibilities of good discoveries of orangutans in the wild. At Sepilok Shelter, sightings are practically ensured, although less so from June to August when there is a wealth of food in the woodland.

Proboscis Monkeys: The dry period from the end of March to the start of October is the most effective time to see them, when the climate is much more comfortable.

When to go to borneo if you wished to see

The Very Best Time to Visit: in between the months of March and also October is considered the dry period and so the very best time to visit Borneo.

It will certainly be warm as well as humid throughout, with temperatures rising in the direction of the end of the season prior to the rains come.

This is the most effective time as the trees are fruiting, suggesting the orangutans come lower to the ground to eat, resulting in much better sightings specifically for photography.

The periods do not differ as significantly as they do in various other parts of the globe, and also it is hot as well as moist all year, but the dry season is a great deal busier and also can be a lot more expensive.

Be prepared for rain at any moment of year as you’ll be checking out jungle, and the rain forests in Borneo are never afraid to measure up to their name.

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Best Time to Travel to Borneo

From March to October

This duration is known as the ‘completely dry’ period in Borneo although being rainforest there is an opportunity of rainfall any time and it is usually hot as well as damp also in summer season.

Specifically, the peak tourist season is in between May and September, as well as lodging can be reserved up well in advance for these durations, specifically in the jungle areas such as Danum Valley where there are much less lodges, making very early reservation highly advised. 

This duration is also the best time to see orangutans as the trees are fruiting in the summer months, particularly between June and August.

These preferred primates venture below the trees to feast; they would eat a diet including 100% fruit if they were able to! Please surf our orangutan vacations web page for more info on where and when to see these exceptional “men of the woodland”.

Find out more about each month on the following web pages:

November to February

In spite of being generally perceived as the ‘wet’ period in Borneo, traveling to the globe’s 3rd biggest island throughout these months is still completely feasible. Rain is typically unforeseeable any time of year so you must be undeterred by ‘wet’ season forecasts.

Lodges, parks, dive sites and also destinations, however, will certainly be less crowded which can have big benefits, and also prices of flights and lodging are likewise most likely to be reduced when you are intending your journey.

Find out more about every month on the complying with pages:


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Best Time to Travel to Borneo

When to Go If You Intend to Experience…

Rainforest Adventures: Danum Valley is an immaculate main jungle. The dry season from the end of March to the start of October is the best time to check out as the weather condition is much more comfy as well as there is a better opportunity of seeing the neighborhood wild animals.

Cruising up the Kinabatangan River: The dry season from the end of March to the beginning of October is the most effective time to see to stay clear of getting captured in the rain whilst in a watercraft.

Understanding Resident Shrub Craft:

The completely dry period from the end of March to the start of October is the very best time to go to as the weather condition is extra comfortable and also more of the activities can be carried out in the completely dry problems. Leeches and also mosquitos are likewise much less abundant throughout this moment.

Seeing the Sunup from MT Kinabalu: The completely dry season from the end of March to the start of October is the best time to make the ascent up Mount Kinabalu as the humidity is much more comfortable and also there is much less chance of being caught out in the rain.


A few fast pointers on when to climb up one of the highest possible heights in South East Asia as well as the crucial times to delight in some of the neighborhood songs as well as cultural festivals.

Mount Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park

The obvious exemption to the common climate patterns of the bogs remains in Mount Kinabalu, which whilst providing a welcome reprieve to the moisture in the day can sometimes drop to below freezing in the evening as a result of the altitude of 3,500 metres over sea level.

It can likewise be an area of heavy rainfall. This deserves keeping in mind when intending to include this as part of your itinerary.


Borneo is an outstanding place for outside celebrations, with such laid back locals and also outstanding scenery; you can anticipate any kind of event to be special and dynamic.

The Rainforest Music Festival, which happens in July, is the largest songs celebration in South East Asia, held yearly simply outside of Kuching. 

There is likewise the Miri Jazz Celebration, the International Kite Celebration, a Cultural Celebration, an Arts Event and far more.

Experts View

Tom, among our Borneo experts states ‘my finest time to check out Borneo would most likely be August. The trees are fruiting so the orangutans are out in force yet it is likewise a time when child turtles are likely to be hatching so it’s the very best time for all rounded Borneo wildlife!’

Let me start with my preferred place and also absolutely not to be missed out on if you are checking out Borneo, Mt. Kinabalu (4,093 m). It is the summit of Borneo and also the highest point in Southeast Asia. This hill is sacred to the residents. 

Thousands from around the world have actually travelled to its peak. At the foot of this hill is Kinabalu National Park, an agricultural heaven where rare plants are discovered: uncommon orchids, nepenthes pitcher plants, as well as the rafflesia, the biggest blossom on the planet.

Best Time to Travel to Borneo
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Sepilok Orang Utan Recovery Centre

If you have not heard yet, the most prominent native of Borneo is the Orang Utan. The world-famous Sepilok Rehab Centre makes it possible for site visitors to come into close contact with these impressive pets.

This shelter enables site visitors to witness an amazing conservation programme at work. Embed in 43 square kilometres of beautiful rain forest, the haven aids when restricted Orang Utans find out to take care of themselves in the wild. 

Watch how these orphaned Orang Utans are being educated to climb, and afterwards go to a system where you can witness them being found from within the woodland for their daily dishes of milk and bananas.

Danum Valley Tropical Rain Forest

If nature is close to your heart, then the following location I am going to present to you is a have to check out, Danum Valley. Danum Valley is nestled deep in the rain forest of Borneo, where nature is at its most immaculate.

As you travel deeper and also deeper into the jungle, you will all of a sudden discover an enchanting paradise of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge (BRL), set up forgeting the wonderful setting of the Segama River and also flanked by tall hill ranges. 

BRL is a remarkable resort, developed by naturalists as well as built on stilts using typical lumber materials, and has the convenience of a 3-Star resort.

I completely recommend Danum Valley to those that desire to see wild animals in a primitive Borneo jungle – the unusual Sumatran rhinocerous, proboscis monkeys, Orang Utan, elephants as well as over 275 species of birds.

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Best Time to Travel to Borneo

Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Park

When you assume you have enough of taking in the sights and you wish to take a day’s break idling around to recharge your energy, after that I recommend you take a 30-minute boat trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

The park is comprised of five beautiful islands as well as is a well-known shelter where tranquility as well as serenity dominate. The exotic white sandy beaches are suitable for loosening up and also tanning. 

The crystal clear water is fantastic if you fancy snorkeling or viewing the sea life as well as coral. The park is also an excellent spot for a BBQ outing under the lengthy hours of gold sunshine. Various other activities consist of windsurfing, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, and bird watching.

Golf Vacations

If golf is your sport, after that, attempt the many excellent quality golf links in Sabah. Among the programs, as defined by its developer, “I needed to create a masterpiece by incorporating the natural grandeur of the hills and the seas with innovative architecture.

And also produce a first-class champion course to give a satisfying, yet difficult, test for leading specialist golfers and amateurs alike.” –Graham Marsh. Sufficient words are said for the high quality of golf links below.

White-Water Rafting

For truth experience seeker seeking an adrenaline-pumping task, Sabah provides a few of the most exhilarating delights on the planet. My scariest experience, just due to the fact that I am not a great swimmer, is white-water rafting down the Padas River (a grade-3 river). 

Whilst attempting to negotiate the rapids along this surging river for a distance of about 5 kilometers, do take pleasure in the spectacular view that the surrounding jungle does provide. However, be warned, don’t take your eyes off the rapids and waves too long!

Scuba Diving

Off the North Eastern shore of Borneo exists a small gem of an island, Sipadan, with a marine ecological community so ideal and also special that it is globe popular as one of the best dive spots on the planet.

Sipadan Island climbs as a pristine Coral Sea place, 650 meters from the flooring of the Sulawesi Sea. This pinnacle off the eastern coastline of Borneo is an oceanic magnet for aquatic life. 

As quickly as you get in the crystal clear waters of Sipadan Island, you’ll understand why you have actually endured a trip that has actually taken you halfway around the world.

As you start to come down right into this tropical water, you’ll also understand why the Globe Wildlife Fund says, “No other area in the world has more aquatic life than this island.

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